Make Your Home Bar Aesthetic AF With Our Favorite Barware

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Ok y’all, I love myself a good homemade cocktail, but I recently had a revolutionary life experience that forever changed how I see the DIY cocktail world. That experience happened on TikTok (truly setting the gold standard for introducing us to new things), and it was all about the cocktail aesthetic.


Honoring #MLK with his favorite thing to drink: #vodka and orange juice. #blm #nyc #manhattan #homemade #cocktail

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I’m talking bar tools, glasses, even ice cubes — when all these bar essentials are pleasing to the eye, the drink will be even more pleasing to your taste buds. Promise. So without any further ado, here’s where to get those ultra aesthetic bar essentials that you’ll honestly just stare at all day.


Bar Carts

Step 1: A fancy bar cart. Gotta have something cute to hold all your aesthetic barware, right? These are some of our favs:

Barware Sets

If you’re a one-and-done kind of person, these complete sets of barware are perfect for you. No need to worry about getting separate matching pieces or anything — these make it easy. You’re very welcome.

Cocktail Shakers/Mixing Glasses

Ah, cocktail shakers. Every bar’s centerpiece. This piece sets the mood of your entire bar and can honestly make or break your barware set, so make sure you get a good one! Here are our picks:

Bar Spoons

Gotta have something to mix up your drink with, right? These bar spoons are ultra cute and you can use them for non-alcoholic drinks as well (who says your iced coffee shouldn’t get some aesthetic lovin’?)

Cocktail Strainers

If you want your cocktails to be perfectly smooth and polished, a strainer is a must. These are our favs!

Cocktail Jiggers

Gotta get the perfect measurements, right? These jiggers will do the job — plus, you’ll be able to get some amazing pouring shots for your socials!

Shot Glasses

Didn’t think I’d forget about these, did you?! Here are the cutest shot glasses on the market.


All that work making your cocktail experience aesthetic would be useless without an aesthetic drinking glass! Here are some of our fav glassware sets.

Ice Cubes

And, finally, if you’re gonna have your drink chilled, gotta finish it off with some cute ice cubes. Here are my favorite molds!


Are you going to be adding any of our barware picks to your home bar collection? Or do you already have a favorite home barware aesthetic? Let us know in the comments below!

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