Brew Better Coffee At Home With These 4 Coffee Accessories

coffee accessories

I don’t know about you, but I constantly find myself making excuses to stop at Starbucks or another one of my favorite coffee drive-thrus. I love the drive-thru thrill, chatting with the baristas and trying new coffee trends. Though spending at least five bucks every day on a coffee is not ideal, and your financial adviser (or anyone in your life for that matter) probably won’t recommend it.

So, what kind of coffee trends can you partake in at home to spice up your morning coffee routine and save some money? Here are a few of our fav coffee accessories to try out this year.


coffee accessories

Travel French Press

Not only will this coffee accessory make you feel trendy, but it is also said that french press coffee is richer in flavor than drip coffee. Become your very own barista this year as you learn how to make french press coffee on the go! The super cool thing about this product is that you can brew your coffee (or tea) anywhere! All you have to do is add coarsely ground coffee, hot water and let it sit for four minutes. Then, just press down on the plunger and boom, french press in your office, in your car, at the grocery store or anywhere else you’d like to brew.

SHOP NOW – $56.28

Milk Frother

After Starbucks introduced its Coldfoam in 2018, the trend has recently found itself on every iced drink on the menu and secret menu. At home with a frother, you can replicate the sweet cream cold foam easily all on your own. With your choice of milk, heavy whipping cream and a syrup of your choosing, it’s insanely easy and fun to whip up. Cold foam has become my new obsession and I put it on my hot coffee, iced coffee and hot chocolate. Skip the whipped cream and join the cold foam club.

SHOP NOW – $19.95

coffee accessories

coffee accessories

Ember Temperature Control Coffee Mug

Even if you’re working from home and simply bringing your coffee mug to your home office, there’s no denying that just after a few minutes, it gets cold. With a coffee mug warmer, especially ones made for your desk, you can keep your coffee at a perfect temperature all day. Many, like the Ember temperature control mug, can even connect to your smartphone so you can adjust the temperature there and keep it consistent. No more cold coffee!

SHOP NOW – $176.99

Coffee Grinder

If you want to be in complete control of your coffee, a coffee grinder can help! Instead of buying ground coffee beans, buy them whole and grind them yourself! Grinding your own coffee helps keep it fresh and lets you change the size of your grind depending on what brew method you want to use. You can use your freshly grounded coffee in a drip machine, in your french press or to make cold brew. Grinding your own beans also opens doors to different roasts and organic options you didn’t have before and allows you to make your own blends.

SHOP NOW – $22.49

coffee grinder


What are some of your fav new coffee accessories? Share them with us below in the comments!

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