Wake Up to the Aroma of Our Favorite Organic, Fair-Trade Coffees

Look, I’ll admit it: after a long day, I sometimes crave a nice iced coffee. And Starbucks? They’re everywhere. It’s convenient and sweet, and even though I’m not too proud of spending $5 for a grande, I’ll do it if there’s no other option. (Many coffee runs have been made in the middle of work because I forgot to bring my own coffee. Ugh.)

HOWEVER, for 2021, I’m wanting alternatives that are sustainable and fair-trade. So, I’ve collected a list of delicious coffee that you can get behind AND enjoy just as much as your Starbucks latte.




Counter Culture Coffee

Want transparency? Straight from the drop-down menu, you’ll find all of this North Carolina company’s sustainability reports.

Here, you’ll be able to access the total emissions by type, comparisons of their carbon footprints in past years, and current works in process (like minimizing waste products and donating 12,000 pounds of re-roasted coffee).

Featured Pick:

big trouble fair trade coffee
Big Trouble Whole Bean Coffee

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If you’re looking for a U.K.-based, sustainable, dedicated-to-bettering-the-environment coffee, Cafédirect will have you covered.

From their 2019 report, you’ll find every important aspect of a fair-trade company — their global impact, their environmental and organic coffee, and ethical partners. Some fun facts to convince you:

Featured Pick:

Cafédirect Fairtrade Organic Macchu Picchu Roast & Ground Coffee
Cafédirect Fairtrade Organic Macchu Picchu Roast & Ground Coffee

Atlas Coffee

I personally order Atlas’s monthly subscription for my mom, and she loves exploring the world’s coffee. I love it because they’re dedicated to sustainability and work with farmers within these countries.

Within the company, staff and client receive education on the value of fair-trade coffee — making every employee aware of the necessity for sustainability and fair-trade practices.

Better yet: their farmers receive resources to give them “the ability to utilize holistic and best in class farming practices.” Its coffee is produced and purchased ethically, with Atlas working with local farmers and paying above fair-trade prices — premium prices for premium coffee.

Featured Pick:

atlas subscription coffee
6 Month Coffee Subscription

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Looking for a company that’s dedicated to sustainability? Enter Driftaway’s website, and BAM: there’s a drop-down menu on all of their sustainability practices. Some examples:

  • Climate change is real, and Driftaway knows it. They offer 100% compostable packaging — nothing non-compostable included.

  • They’re dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint in a variety of ways, from minimizing freight shipping to becoming bi-coastal by 2021 (meaning less CO2 emissions).

Featured Pick:

driftaway sustainable coffee
1 Lb. World Coffee Sampler


Larry’s Coffee

Larry’s Coffee believes in fair-trade practices, maintaining relationships, and helping farmers survive. Just scope their FAQs section — it’s there and ready to read. But to convince you to give them a try:

They only buy coffee from producers who are a part of the FLO registrar, to ensure transparency; they visit farms annually to foster relationships; provide consistent income to farmers whom they have previously done business with; and pay equal or above what the internal fair-trade price is for their coffees.

Featured Pick:

Larry's sustainable coffee
Bold Flavor Variety Pack – 3 Pack

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There are much better alternatives to Starbucks in taste, sustainability, and fair-trade practices. Treating farmers and the earth well has never been so imperative — so get on the ethical train now. Have you tried any fair-trade coffees? Let us know in the comments!

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