Make Your Bedroom Actually Bigger With These Floating Nightstands

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I live in a small apartment with my partner, so freeing up space is always ideal. Floating nightstands are everywhere right now, and I realized that if I were to switch my normal one out for one of these, I would have so much more floor space! Floating nightstands are good for extra storage or to just make the room look and feel bigger because every inch of space isn’t taken up. Here are some of our favorite floating nightstand options!


Batten Floating Nightstand

floating nightstand

This nightstand can be attached to the back panel (sold separately) or it can be mounted to the wall! The back panel makes it possible for you to add this nightstand and other shelving to your bedside. This nightstand is a gorgeous soft brown oak color with a large drawer that provides plenty of space.

SHOP NOW – $199

Pilsen Graphite Floating Nightstand

floating nightstand

This floating nightstand is a gorgeous graphite color that can neutralize any space. Much like the last one, this nightstand has plenty of shelving space for flowers, a lamp, a picture frame, or any other nightstand decor you have, along with a big main drawer.

SHOP NOW – $199

Sazena Nightstand

floating nightstand

This one, unlike the others, has a unique shape for ample shelving space. While there is no pull-out drawer, there is still plenty of inside space to hold everything you need. It also comes out in four different types of wood!

SHOP NOW – $105.99

Kate and Laurel Kitt Modern Floating Wall Shelf

floating nightstand

This floating nightstand comes in four shades and has a typical rectangular shape. This is a perfect modern option if your home decor style is sleek and contemporary. The sliding drawer offers extra storage space while keeping the outside minimal.

SHOP NOW – $99.99

Floating Nightstand in Solid Walnut

floating nightstand

This sleek floating nightstand offers space inside and on top. These nightstands are handmade and a beautiful shade of walnut. They also come in six different size options to fit any space perfectly!

SHOP NOW – $185+

Urbansize Floating Bedside Table

bedside table

This floating nightstand has space on top, inside the drawer, and on a bottom shelf. There are three color options: fully white, fully grey, and white with an oak top. I especially love the little shelf underneath which is perfect for books!

SHOP NOW – $169.02+

South Shore Floating Nightstand

floating nightstand

I love the unique shape of this one! It is just a square-shaped oak shelf. The top has a great amount of surface area and the inside of the square does as well! While these are often used as floating bedside tables, they can also be used as floating shelves.

SHOP NOW – $152.15


Have you been considering swapping to a floating nightstand? Let us know below!

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