If Your Period’s A Pain, Then You’ll Be Excited To Know About These 8 Brands

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My period is f*cking annoying. I have terrible PMS (hello inhaled carbs, acne, and mood swings), and even the Advil isn’t enough for my cramping.

Because of this, I’m always on the hunt for products that will make my life easier during that time of month. And when I finally found these brands and their products, I knew I couldn’t keep them a secret. Read on for the best companies and products that have helped me manage my period comfortably.


LOLA Heating Patches

LOLA is big because of its tampon subscription services, but it has a bunch of other products that will keep your lady goods clean and pain-free during your period. These  heating patches attach to underwear and clothing, and the warmth helps soothe cramping for up to 11 hours. Simply put them on and go about your day in peace, whether you’re heading to work or making a run to the grocery store.

SHOP – $12

period products

hum moody bird

HUM Moody Bird

We wrote an article on HUM Nutrition as a brand, but I have to put a spotlight on their Moody Bird supplements. Chasteberry helps manage PMS symptoms thanks to its hormone-modulating properties; don quai root balances estrogen levels and regulates your blood flow to lessen the pain from cramping. Take one pill twice a day, and say goodbye to those mood swings.

SHOP – $26


Every woman has experienced bleeding through their underwear. And then there’s the paranoia that a pad or tampon won’t be enough, causing a leak…in public. Thinx is my savior – simply slip a pair of their underwear on based on how heavy your period is that day and what you’re wearing, then go on about your business without worrying.

SHOP – $24+

period products

period products


There are suggestions for which teas to drink on your period, but Pink Stork made a tea specifically for your period. The herbal blend of red raspberry, turmeric, cinnamon, and more herbs make for a stress-free, cramp-free, and bloat-free period. The three ingredients encourage healthy and harmonious periods, and bonus: the tea actually tastes good.

SHOP – $12.99


We can’t stop writing about Blume, so how could we not include them in this round up? Their products are A+ additions to your medicine cabinet during that time of month. We recommend their Cloud 9 Cramp Oil, a blend of essential oils that help with every PMS symptom, from bloating to cravings. Just roll it onto your source of cramps, rub it in, and feel no pain.

SHOP – $18


period good patch

Good Patch Period

The Good Patch has so many patches for all of your needs, but I’d be remiss to not mention their Period patch, which features hemp to fight pain, as well as black cohosh to ease the shedding of uterine lining. Stick the patch onto your abdomen when you wake up, and you’ll feel 0 pain for up to 12 hours. When 12 hours are up, peel it off and replace with a new one. It’s that easy.

SHOP – $24

Rael Organic Pantyliners

I personally hate pantyliners, but on days when my period is light, I don’t want to waste my pads. (Are they affordable? Yes. But it’s the principle!) These pantyliners are changing my mind, though. They’re made of pure cotton, making them light and breathable but super absorbent. They also stick well, so they won’t be slipping around as you go about your day.

SHOP – $7.99



NannoCare Pads

High-tech pads? Yep, you heard me right. To summarize: our body generates thermal-infrared, an electromagnetic wavelength that’s totally natural. NannoCare’s pads use Far infrared energy in their pads, which helps circulation in blood vessels, therefore lessening pain. You use them just like you’d use a regular pad, there’s just extra science (or magic, as I like to call it) happening in the certified organic cotton material.

SHOP – $11.99


What do you use to help with period pain and PMS? Are you going to try any of these products out? Let us know in the comments!

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