Comfortable Airport Outfits Are Real – Here Are The Top 4 Essentials For Your Next Trip

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We all have our own favorite airport travel outfits. Mine is typically sweatpants/leggings, a crop top, an oversized sweater, and slide-on tennis shoes. I like to be comfy but also need those layers — I’m frequently hot in the airport but cold on the plane. 

Not gonna lie, it took me a while to find the perfect airport outfit that I felt comfortable and cute in. The first few times I went on trips I flew in jeans and sandals (IMO, one of the most uncomfortable choices for airport attire). So since we’re getting back into the post-pandemic travel game, I decided to come up with a list of my 4 airport fashion staples (along with recommended pieces, of course!) to keep you comfortable and stylish on your next trip.


Comfy Sets

Being comfy on overnight flights is key especially when you want to sleep. The rise of athleisure makes it super easy to be cute as well. The key to a successful travel set is layering so you can easily stay comfortable and temperature controlled. Pair your favorite sweatsuit set with a basic t-shirt or pair your knit sets with a chic cardigan.

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Outerwear is something important to think about when traveling. Outerwear can be used as a blanket, easily taken on and off when traveling to different climates, and even free up some space in your luggage if you just wear it on the plane.


Loose-fitting dresses (or just comfy dresses in general) are always a good idea. We recommend midi to full length dresses as they are more comfortable and also can keep your legs warm on the flight. Who wants to wear tight pants and sit for hours at a time? Not me. This would be best if you are going from cold weather to hot — you can pair the dress with a sneaker and an outerwear piece to keep you warm on the plane.


Heels and sandals might be cute, but they’re not the best option when traveling in terms of comfort and practicality. I recommend traveling in sneakers because they are the most comfortable option. Also, you never know when you might have to run to make your connection. We linked neutral sneakers that are great for the airport and just everyday wear.


What is your go-to airport outfit? Let us know in the comments!

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