Fashion Enthusiasts Are Super Excited About This Emerging Sustainable Jewelry Brand


I’m always on the hunt for new sustainable and ethical fashion brands. And I love love love my jewelry. I literally can’t leave the house without some jewels on me or else I feel naked. So I was delighted when I discovered Ana Luisa — a carbon neutral jewelry brand that cares about people and the planet, while delivering pieces us fashion girls love and cherish. Now THAT is something I can get behind.

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I spoke with an Ana Luisa representative and here is what I learned:

“Our pieces are manufactured in South Korea, China and Austria, depending on the savoir-faire and the base materials (gold-plated brass or recycled Sterling Silver) required for every design. Our in-house production team works hard every day to ensure all three pillars of sustainability are covered through our manufacturing: People, because we make sure all employees are being taken care of fairly, Planet, because we integrate recycled materials into our supply chain whenever possible, and Future, because we are a carbon neutral company.

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“Our sterling silver comes from post-consumer materials, electronic components, previously owned metals, and materials from in-house recycling. We’re constantly working with our suppliers to try to increase the availability of recycled materials. Our main focus in 2021 is to dig into our alloys and plating standards to better understand how much more ethical and transparent we can be.”

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“However, and this is a key learning point for us as we’re working towards more sustainable practices every day, we need to remain very humble in our approach. There is just not a single option and solution for more sustainable jewelry. Some businesses will use fair-trade gold, some will support initiatives for responsible mining. We’re currently looking into certifications and being part of organizations like the Responsible Jewellery Council, but certificates for gold-plated jewelry do not exist. We want to bring more clarity here too and more transparency, as a lot of information about recycled brass and gold-plating circulates.

“We’ve also been offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions of our products — from the sourcing of materials to the disposal of our pieces — since January 2020. To offset our carbon footprint, we partner with Cool Effect, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the San Francisco Bay area. This is only a first step and not an end in itself, and our goal for 2021 is to find ways to reduce our carbon emissions in the first place. We’re also digging into other ways to precisely assess our impact. We’ve started discussions recently with the Water Footprint Organization to look into a Water Footprint Assessment — stay tuned!”

A Fashionista’s Review

Their products are *chef’s kiss*. I really love how curated their product selection is, which makes sense considering how intentional their sourcing and manufacturing processes are. They’re not churning out new ultra trendy pieces every week. I appreciate how they present new pieces through thoughtful collections. They also do an excellent job at incorporating trends to make each piece feel fresh and current, while still staying true to the classic and timeless appeal of luxe gold jewelry.

Pictured: Temple Green Necklace // Abby Earrings

The packaging also exceeded my expectations (as you can see from the photos in the beginning). All my purchases have arrived neatly and carefully packaged in reusable cloth bags.


Pictured: Meesh Necklace // Rope Slim Ring

My Ana Luisa gems have been on rotation! They really do pair well with all my outfits and have been holding up well. The Abby earrings are totally replacing my gold hoops at the moment. The Meesh and Temple Green Necklaces are so chic layered with my other gold chains. The Rope Slim ring is also true to size (I purchased in my usual size 5). Their pieces are so transitional, so whether you’re rocking a casual look or a more elevated one, their jewelry makes for a perfect addition.


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