Routine Wellness Brand Spotlight: Good For Your Gut Probiotics

I have a love-love relationship with probiotics. What’s that? Well, a love-love relationship is like a love-hate relationship, except there’s no hate. It’s just all love. 

Gut health is one of the passions that I’m reminded of a couple times a year, go hard on for a few months, and then forget about because my sourdough starter inevitably died. 

Then my diet consists of too much mac and cheese and nachos, I wake up every morning wondering why I feel so bloated, and decide a fresh round of kefir will solve all my problems, gut health included. Wash, rinse, repeat. 

I’m no stranger to natural probiotics. Fermented foods are my jam. I never loved science, but food science is a side hobby I dig into with fervor every now and then. 

Yes, I jumped on the sourdough train during COVID, and last year I flew across the country with a condiment-sized container of kefir grains from my sister’s best friend. But, again, they inevitably die, and then I’m thrust back into a meager, probiotic-less existence.

Want to know what’s easier than cycling through seasons of natural probiotic motivation? Just taking some probiotics every day, that’s what. Sure, naturally occurring probiotics are undeniably the best source for that healthy gut bacteria, but if convenience is a necessity (which, when isn’t it?), I’ve found the probiotic for you!

(Hint: it’s from Routine Wellness, and it rocks.)


Routine Wellness Probiotics

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Routine’s probiotics are “A clean, complete prebiotic-probiotic supplement with 24 billion CFU per capsule guaranteed and formulated with 5 ultra-premium strains.” They selected their strains carefully, and the 5 they chose have been proven through double- and triple-blind studies to improve gut health, boost immunity, promote a healthy weight, and balance vaginal health. To read more about the strains Routine uses and their benefits, check out this page on their website.

Routine’s supplements are also vegan, gluten free, free of allergens, and non-GMO. Plus, they use sustainable and recyclable materials in their packaging.

My Review

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I’ve never felt a probiotic work its magic, but with Routine’s probiotic, I did. The first time I took a capsule, I felt it going to town about an hour later. I actually felt toxins being worked out of my gut. It was a weird, kind of bloat-y feeling that lasted the first couple of days I took the probiotic. It seemed that my body cleared everything out pretty quickly.

A couple other things I noticed was that I became super regular, if you catch my drift, and I didn’t feel as much post-Thanksgiving bloating as I normally would. Actually, it’s been carb city in my house for the past week, and while that’s DEFINITELY not stellar for my gut health, I think Routine’s probiotics have been helping me get through carb season with minimal impact.

Will I keep taking Routine’s probiotics? Yeah, I think I will. They’re only $1/day, and I can’t wait to see how they continue to support my gut health after carb season comes to an end (or rather, if carb season comes to an end). I expect to feel like Superwoman. Reasonable expectation? Who knows, but a girl can dream!

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Do you take a daily probiotic for good gut health? Let us know if you’d try the brand we reviewed in the comments! 

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