Tell Us About Your Ideal Thanksgiving, And We’ll Easily Guess Which Parade Float Is Your Favorite


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thanksgiving quiz




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Thanksgiving Quiz
Your favorite float is Tom Turkey!

tom turkey

You adore the Thanksgiving Day Parade and everything to do with Thanksgiving! While you love to see new additions every year to the Parade, you like to stick with the classics and Tom Turkey is one of the best! You love the feeling that you get every Thanksgiving morning when the Parade comes on the TV and you couldn’t have a proper Thanksgiving without it!
Your favorite float is Snoopy!


You love the Snoopy float because it reminds you of your own best friend at home. You love a good classic like Charlie Brown, but you’re more of an optimist and a dreamer. You love Snoopy because he reminds you to never stop dreaming and going after your goals in life.
Your favorite float is Santa’s Sleigh!


You love Thanksgiving, but let’s be honest, you put your tree up last week. You know that Santa coming to town means that the rest of your family can start celebrating with you and that’s what really matters. You’re ready to get on with the holidays and start celebrating the most wonderful time of the year!
Your favorite float is Spongebob!


You had a great childhood and you love to relive bits of it every Thanksgiving morning. The Spongebob balloon reminds you that it’s okay to let loose and just have fun on days like today. You also always get a laugh out of it while you’re at it.
Your favorite float is Spider-Man!


You’re an adventurer at heart and you love the fun and heroic nature that Spider-Man brings to the parade. Spider-Man reminds you that you can always be the hero to those around you, no matter what your situation is. He brings a positive outlook to your day and it’s always fun to see him shooting webs across Times Square.

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