Your Favorite Potterheads, Star Wars Fans, & Other Niche Nerds Will Love These Gifts

We all have that niche nerd in our life — the one who hoards DC comics, or scours the web for rare Disney memorabilia, or has memorized the entire script of The Sorcerer’s Stone.

And admit it: It’s kind of adorable. If you have a nerd in your life, it won’t be hard to find gifts for them this season. (After all, have you seen how popular the Avengers are?) Read on for our favorite gifts, no matter what your loved one is into!



Are they a Disney diehard? Skip giving them a copy of their favorite movie (they probably own it already, c’mon). Instead, dive deep into the world of Mickey Mouse and find magical gifts for your Disney nerd. Whether it’s a cookbook with Tiana’s gumbo or socks for the little princess in your life, these will make your loved one smile almost as big as the Cheshire Cat.

Star Wars

The world went crazy for Star Wars yet again following The Mandalorian’s release…though did it ever really stop? With season 3 airing next year, it’s only right that we include gifts for those obsessed with the classic series. Is their favorite character Darth Vader? Gift for that. Are they a pet lover? We have a gift for them, too. No matter what, your Star Wars devotee will be stoked.

Harry Potter

If they know their house, you know they’ll love a Harry Potter present for Christmas. Though the books have been written and the movies made, Harry Potter nerds will still appreciate gifts that represent who they are at their core, no matter which house they root for on the Quidditch field. Plus, how could they not want a time turner necklace to channel their inner Hermione?

Stranger Things

Stranger Things blew up Netflix across the globe. There’s no doubt in my mind that Stranger Things will forever be a fav, and your loved one probably — definitely — agrees with that. Feed their obsession with the Upside Down and Eggo waffles with these gifts, which include a ring referencing Eleven and a show-crossover sweatshirt.

DC/Marvel Comics

If they have the Batman posters, the Avengers shirts, and the vintage comics, you may be wondering: what the hell do I get my comic lover!? The answer: gifts like a Marvel sign or book of Gotham City cocktail recipes. There’s even a dainty gift: a kryptonite necklace made from an actual Swarovski AB crystal. No matter their preference for DC or Marvel, you’ll find something here.

All Things Horror

Horror nerds love gifts that celebrate their cult favorites, so find things they may not have known about. Vans has a variety of items that reference horror movies, but we love their Exorcist shirt especially. Or, go with a keychain that features the infamous room key at the Bates Motel. No matter what you choose, they’ll be excited to own some reference to their passion.


What niche gifts are you getting the beloved nerds in your life? Did we miss a category? Tell us below!

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