These Unique Travel Gifts Will Inspire Every Adventurer On Your List

You know them, you love them — heck, maybe you are them! What am I talking about? An adventurer, of course!

We all have that friend who always seems to be jetsetting to their next new country, or on another backpacking trip, or who’s renovating a van to embark on cross-country adventures. Their life may seem glam on the surface, but hey — traveling can be hard! Make their next adventure a bit easier (or just more fun!) with all of these adventure-inspired Christmas gifts.


CalPak Hue Carry-On Luggage

calpak hue carry-on

Every traveler needs a solid carry-on, and CalPak’s takes the cake — I mean, come on, a hard-shell front laptop sleeve? Plus, it has a TSA-approved lock, so nobody will even think about stealing the souvenir stroopwafels you’re bringing home from Amsterdam.

SHOP – $225

Makeup Eraser Starry Night Mini 10-Piece Set

makeup eraser

I never check luggage when I travel, so lots of liquids are a no-go. These reusable makeup erasers take off even waterproof makeup with just water! Perfect for the traveler who wants to keep up her makeup and skincare routines while she’s on the go.

SHOP – $35

The Bucket List Book

bucket list

Honestly, this would make an amazing coffee table book for anyone — even those who would rather just travel from their couch. Not only does it contain stunning visuals from around the globe, but this bucket list book also highlights must-dos in every region.

SHOP – $35

Campfire Ceramic Mug

camping ceramic mug

Your favorite camper will go bananas over this coffee mug that will help them feel like they’re in the great outdoors, even if they’re just sipping from their front porch.

SHOP – $16

Around The World Ring

around the world ring

She can literally wear her passion for travel with this ring! Am I partial to it because it matches my airplane tattoo? Maybe…

SHOP- $32

CalPak Hue Duffle Bag

calpak hue duffel

Yes, another CalPak pick — but can you blame us? This minimalist duffle bag is the perfect “handbag allowance” size, and has a sleeve that fits over your carry-on’s handle. It’s made from sleek faux leather and includes a laptop sleeve for easy access on the plane.

SHOP – $156

Moonlight Necklacemoonlight necklace

We all have that one mountain-obsessed friend. You know the type: pretty minimalist, always dressed in flannels and accessorizing with hiking boots and beanies. Spice up their everyday wardrobe a bit with this necklace — the perfect understated accessory for every mountain mama!

SHOP – $30

Parvel Monogrammable Packing Cubes

parvel packing cubes

I have two words for packing cubes: Life. Changing. I do two-week, multi-country, multi-climate trips in just a carry-on, and packing cubes upped my travel game like nobody’s business. You can use them to separate outfits, types of clothes, or even just dirties from cleans when you’re on the go. Plus, these are monogrammable!

SHOP – $65

National Park Scratch-Off Calendar

national park scratch off poster

Is it just me, or are scratch-off posters crazy satisfying? They’re basically keepsake checklists for some of your sweetest memories. Get this for that friend who goes to a different national park every year — or your nomadic friend who’s constantly camping at one.

SHOP – $37

Camper Trailer Kitchen Towel

camper tea towel

Is camper life anyone else’s dream life? Maybe your just-out-of-college daughter wants to take a break from the “real world” and be a nomad for a bit — give her a taste of her dream life with this tea towel.

SHOP – $12

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

jet lag cream

This travel-size mask is appropriately named “Jet Lag” — they can give their face a quick dab all over in the airport bathroom after stepping off the plane, and their airport uber will never guess they just took a red-eye!

SHOP – $48

Travel Loungewear

travel lounge wear

Jetset in style with this loungewear top and bottom. They shouldn’t be the only travel wardrobe staples in your travel buddy’s closet, but they’re so comfy, she’ll find herself reaching for them over and over when dressing for that 6am flight.

SHOP the TOP – $65

SHOP the JOGGERS – $80

Monogrammable Techfolio

mark and graham techfolio

This is going on my Christmas list STAT,  because currently when I travel, my electronics and chargers all end up a jumbled mess in my backpack. Not with this techfolio! Perfect for your bestie who likes to work from a different city every week.

SHOP – $149

Urban Map Glass

urban map glass

Whether their favorite city is their hometown or just somewhere they’ve visited, they’ll be reminded of it every time they drink their favorite cocktail out of this glass!

SHOP – $18

Dual Travel Organizer

mark and graham dual travel pack

I’m sorry, minimalist and bougie? A paradox until this travel organizer came on the scene! This monogrammable bag holds all her makeup in the top section, and the structured bottom section will keep her jewelry from tangling.

SHOP – $99

Wild And Free Sticker

wild and free sticker

For the gal with a million and one stickers on her guitar case…or water bottle…or laptop. Add to her collection with this understated sticker that quietly proclaims her passion for discovering new places.

SHOP – $4

Dainty North Star Necklace

north star necklace

Another minimalist necklace, this will remind her to follow the guidance of the North Star wherever she goes (or if she ever gets lost in the woods, maybe?).

SHOP – $17

Crescent Moon Tumbler

crescent moon tumbler

To say I’m in love with this travel tumbler is an understatement. It’s the perfect gift for your traveler who wants to be able to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot while on the road.

SHOP – $30

Kitsch Travel Must-Haves

travel must-haves

Like the packing cubes, these are life-changing. My favorite skincare and hair products don’t come in travel-sized containers, so I just squeeze them into these before I take off! Less waste, less money spent, and less time trying to figure out how I’m going to get shampoo through security check.

SHOP – $33

Air Tag

apple air tag

Have I ever misplaced my passport while getting ready to get on a plane? No, because I’m absolutely paranoid about that stuff, but my friend has. While we were on a trip together. It was more stressful for me than him, so next time, I’m giving him an Air Tag. Or 10.

SHOP – $30

The Adventure Challenge Book

couples adventure book

Looking for new things to do with your boo? The Adventure Challenge Book for couples features 50 scratch-off adventures for the two of you to go on, as well as spaces for photos and other memories of your time together. There’s also a version for families and friends!

SHOP – $50

Biossance Hydrated Skin Travel Set

biossance travel skin care set

We love Biossance, and this travel kit comes with cleanser, eye cream, repair cream, and rose oil with Vitamin C — everything she needs to keep her skin fresh on the go.

SHOP – $39

The Wander Club Token Holders

The Wander Club sells keychains that hold tokens (also sold by The Wander Club) engraved with the names of different places on them. Your adventurous college student will love adding tokens to this as they embark on new adventures!

SHOP – $25

Mountain Standard Time Sticker

mountain standard time sticker

Keep adding to their sticker collection with this punny little piece of decor — honestly, I’d still love it even though I’ve never been in MST.

SHOP – $4

Scratch-Off World Map scratch-off world map

I have this on my wall, and I love it. Again, scratch-offs are basically just more aesthetically pleasing checklists — bonus points to this one for looking great before AND after you visit each country!

SHOP – $37


Do you have something picked out for your favorite adventurer? Which is your favorite gift on the list? Tell us in the comments!

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