Make Christmas Last All Year Long When You Gift These Subscription Boxes

I love gifting subscription boxes to everyone in my life. My cousin likes candles — subscription box. My mom loves coffee — subscription box. My dad loves spices — subscription box. My best friend’s son is growing (too fast) and loves learning — subscription box.

I feel like Oprah. You get a subscription box! And you get a subscription box! EVERYONE gets a subscription box!

In all seriousness, though, you can’t go wrong with this gift. Everybody wishes they’d receive presents every month, and everybody has an obsession…so why not give them a gift they love every month, and call it a day?

That’s my reasoning, at least. Have I convinced you yet?

If I have, you’ve probably arrived at the question: what subscription box do I get everyone? There are so many choices!

Friend, I’m here with subscription boxes everyone will like, from the feminist niece in your life, to the dapper uncle you grew up with, to your sassy mom. Check them out!


For Him

Culture Carton

culture carton

Perfect for the man who loves everything and anything, the Culture Carton comes with multiple gifts in one crate. The men in your life will find 3-5 lifestyle items, like socks, cufflinks, and watches, as well as a book; past reading options have included It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis and High Fidelity by Nick Hornby.

SHOP – $35/month

Trade Coffee Club

trade coffee & candle subscription box

Everyone I’ve gifted this coffee subscription to loves it. Fill out a questionnaire on their coffee preferences, including whether they add anything to their coffee, taste preferences, and roast strength, then they’ll receive a box of coffee every 1-4 weeks from across the country. Plus, it’s super affordable.

SHOP – $15/bag

Raw Spice Bar

raw spice bar subscription box

My dad’s weakness. He is constantly cooking and trying new spices, but the stores we have are limited outside of California spices. They’re good, but he’s tried a lot of them already. Raw Spice Bar is a monthly subscription box that offers a 2 oz. blend of spices from across the US, plus a recipe to try with it. His meals were already delicious, but they’re even better now.

SHOP – $10/month

Hot Sauce Of The Month

hot sauce club

If the guy in your life is constantly complaining that restaurants just don’t have unique hot sauce, and it all tastes the same, and…he’ll love this subscription box. Let him choose his desired heat, then gift him the option of 1-3 sauces made around the globe. He’ll love trying a hot sauce he can’t find anywhere in town (or even the country).

SHOP – $14.99, one bottle/month

Gentleman’s Box

gentlemans box

Look, not every man has a natural sense of style when it comes to formal events. The Gentleman’s Box will provide him with dapper items like socks, pocket squares, ties, leather wallets, suspenders — basically, every accessory he needs for your sister’s wedding, which he still hasn’t gone to Men’s Warehouse for…

SHOP – $35/month



Like the Gentleman’s Box, he’ll receive some nice, classy items. On top of this, he’ll feel badass when gifts like money clips, sunglasses, wine aerators, shoe horns, and other cool tools and accessories come in. It’s the ultimate subscription box for the guy who wants to feel like “The Man” without putting too much effort in.

SHOP – $28/month

For Her

Atlas Coffee Subscription

atlas coffee subscription box

My mom has this coffee subscription, and she adores knowing her coffee is coming from parts of the world she may never visit. The package gives tasting notes and details how the coffee got from the field to your doorstep, and we love that it lets you connect with someone 7,000 miles away through this shared interest.

SHOP – $14/12 oz. bag


IPSY subscription box

I personally am always wanting to try new makeup, but the idea of buying full-sized bottles, only to find that they 1. Don’t look good, 2. Don’t feel good, or 3. Don’t work, turns me off to spending big bucks on new products. IPSY’s crate lets you try out five new products for — get this — $13, so you can find your next beauty purchase without spending the big bucks.

SHOP – $13/month


rocksbox subscription box

For the lady who hates wearing the same jewelry over and over again (hey, can you blame her?), gift her the Rocksbox. Three pieces of jewelry arrive every month, allowing her to find new handmade designs that match her latest outfits — with the help of a personal stylist, because of course.

SHOP – $21/month

Smartass and Sass

smartass and sass subscription box

“My last fuck — watch it burn.” Yep, this is written on a candle in the Smartass and Sass box. Perfect for the “sasshole,” these products will match your lovely lady’s “don’t-fuck-with-me” attitude. Which, to be honest, is admirable to me, a people-pleaser. From sassy candles to pillows, they’ll be honored to know they’re your sassy friend. (I would be, at least.)

SHOP – $34.95/month


therabox subscription box

Sometimes she just needs some extra TLC, or an extra dose of therapy when her psychiatrist is out of town. Sound like your loved one? The TheraBox provides plenty of self care items each month, promoting happiness, relaxation, inspiration, and, of course, the comfort of knowing they’re cared for by those in their lives.

SHOP – $34.99/month

Wax Melt Club

wax melt subscription box

I have a cat, so flames aren’t really an option when I’m not staring directly at her as the candle burns — which is why I love this wax melt subscription box. It gives off scents without the potential burns, and with four wax melts in each box, there are different scent offerings every single month. For December, options include vanilla birch and spiced orange; which will she be surprised with?

SHOP – $19/month

For the Kids


fabfitun subscription box

FabFitFun is perfect for your teenager who wants to feel fabulous, fit, and fun. (Obvs.) This box is quarterly and oh-so-affordable — they’re $49.99 each quarter, featuring four customizable options (aka they can choose four of the products) and four surprise products. Past boxes have included ankle weights, beanies, retinoid serum, and blankets.

SHOP – $49.99/quarter


KIWIco subscription box

From baby products which help with development to crafting tools introducing different crafting techniques, KiwiCo’s boxes grow with your child, starting from their birth to adulthood. This box is all about exercising your child’s mind, with STEM practices involved in cooking, trips across the globe, and designing items like musical instruments.

SHOP – $22.95/month



Start your middle schooler’s love of reading ASAP with OwlCrate. Their Jr. Box comes with books, of course, and is accompanied by items to support reading — think puzzles and watercolor paint tins. For your older kids, more mature books include a signed edition of The Poison Heart by Kalynn Bayron, plus goodies like bottle keychains and art prints. 

SHOP – $32.99/month

Girls Can! Crate

girls can crate

Get your girl into feminism from the start. Each month, a crate focuses on an early innovator and all-around awesome chick, like Amelia Earhart and Frida Kahlo. She can play with 2-3 science, engineering, or art activities, and nab collectibles. On top of this, a 28-page book contains stories, games, and experiments based around the woman of the month.

SHOP – $34.95/month

KidStir Cooking Crate


I wish I had gotten this crate as a kid, because I didn’t know how to cook until my early 20s (in my defense, I was never around for dinners at home, and the dining hall was my only option in college). KidStir gives you a shopping list, then a ton of recipes that kids of all ages can cook with and for the family. It’s a learning experience they can use until they’re adults.

SHOP – $23.99/month



Your toddler isn’t just a toddler — he’s smart, creative, and desperately curious to learn about the world. Cater to your seven-month-old or your four-year-old’s brains with a subscription box that challenges and teaches using “stage-based play essentials.” Helping with speech development, understanding feelings, fine motor skills, and more, your lil babe will be advanced by preschool.

SHOP – $80/two months

For Siblings


candle subscription box

Don’t know what to get your sibling who seems to have it all? We have the solution: a candle subscription box that will make her home smell fantastic every single month. Crafted by small artisans from around the US, there aren’t any chemicals or unnatural ingredients — just good-smelling, safe candles.

SHOP – $10+/month

Box on the Rocks

subscription box

Wanting to bond? Obviously, the best way to do this is over drinks. Each month, they’ll receive a themed box filled with everything needed to create 10+ drinks — just add liquor for the finishing touch. November’s theme was Tropical Margarita, while December’s theme is Holiday Martini, so you know January is going to be *bartender’s kiss.*

SHOP – $40+/month

Fit Boxx

fit boxx

Don’t tell my brother, but this is what I’m getting him for Christmas this year. These boxes are filled with everything you could need to get and keep in shape, from apparel (such as athletic shorts) to foods (such as cauliflower rice) to fitness gear (like jump ropes and foot rollers). For the price of $54 per month, you’ll be supporting your sibling in the ultimate fitness journey. So sweet, right?

SHOP – $54/month

Sips By

sipsby tea subscription box

Perfect for the brother who can’t stand coffee and just wants to unwind after the workday. With four tea options, equaling 16 cups of tea each month, your siblings are bound to find a tea they can’t stop drinking — and if they don’t, there’s always next time. Just fill out a profile for them, and they’ll receive personalized (not random!) tea options each month.

SHOP – $16/month



Brothers and sisters alike will love ScentBird. Whether they just can’t seem to find their dream scent or are looking for a new one, ScentBird offers designer perfumes and colognes. Take a quiz for them, pick the scents they’d like, then let them try one fragrance each month until they find their next signature scent.

SHOP – $15.95/month

Loot Crate

loot crate

Loot Crate brands itself as a “Geek” subscription box, and while you probably call your sibling this, you have to admit that Loot Crate is pretty cool. Whether they’re a gamer, a horror fanatic, a movie fiend, or a Harry Potter stan, there’s a crate for them. They’ll receive 4-6 collectibles, plus other goodies like apparel and figures.

SHOP – $24.99+/month

For the Whole Family

Paletteful Pack

paletteful pack subscription box

Your family can get in on the Paletteful Pack, meant for art lovers and creators alike. With notebooks, pencils, paints, and more, the whole family can sit around the table and create. Whether the family is made up of beginning youngsters or professional dads, the pack comes with everything you need for a gorgeous finished product.

SHOP – $24+/month

Together Unplugged

together unplugged box

We’re all guilty of sitting in the same room on our tablets, phones, laptops, TVs…every screen you can think of that stops us from just being with one another. Together Unplugged’s box is filled with games, crafts, and other fun activities the whole family can participate in, minus the blue-light distractions.

SHOP – $44.95/month


raddish subscription box

Been cooking for the family for years? You can still learn from Raddish and teach the kids how to cook. Even if they’re young and picky, they’ll love what they’ve cooked that day! Boxes come with three recipe guides, a kitchen tool, fun collectibles, and the grocery list you’ll need to make each meal. Whether you’re 7 or 70, you’ll love bonding with family and learning new recipes.

SHOP – $24/month



Whether you’re shopping for your wife, your husband, or the kiddos, stop paying hundreds of dollars, then trying to muster up the energy to return them. StitchFix takes your style and your budget, boxes up clothes picked by stylists, then lets you try on outfits at home and send back what you don’t want. No trips to Macy’s, then Kohl’s, then Ross needed. Plus, you can set up a family account to keep all of your orders in one place.

SHOP – $10+ – Work With Your Budget

Completing the Puzzle Subscription Box

puzzle subscription box

Kids and parents of any age have fun solving puzzles, so why not do it together? Completing the Puzzle allows you to pick your level, choose preferences for your surprise puzzle, give you time to solve it, then send it back and receive a new one. No more feeling rushed to finish — take your time and enjoy the brainteaser.

SHOP – $25/month

Adults and Crafts Crate

crafts crate

For parents with older teenagers, choose a subscription crate that will match their maturity level and give them the opportunity to bond with you over something you all enjoy doing. Wood burning, paint pouring, and shadow lights are just a few of the crafts that will arrive each month, which comes with every item you need to craft something you can proudly say you made.

SHOP – $33/month


What subscription box will you be gifting the loved ones in your life? Tell us in the comments!

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