The 6 Best Ways To Capture Memories As Your Kids Grow Up

Moms are always looking for ways to make each moment with their kids last. They grow up far too fast, so you likely want to find some useful methods to capture the precious memories you both form as they grow from babies to school-age children.

How can you make those times last? Here are some of the best ways to capture memories as your kids grow up.

1. Create Stepping Stones

You might know a stepping stone as a landmark of progress, but you can also make a literal stone with your kids’ handprints and footprints embedded in them. Make these to celebrate a life moment or just because you want to capture how small they once were.

You could find a kit to make these or DIY your stepping stones to create permanent physical memories of their childhoods. Inlay these with a few glass pebbles from the craft store or place a few game pieces for an amusing spin. Be sure to write their initials and the date in the wet concrete to memorialize this sentimental craft day.

2. Make A Scrapbook

If you can dedicate yourself to the task, making a scrapbook or ordering a photo book is a beautiful way to take photos of your children and turn them into art. You can also include mementos like the playbill from their first concert, a ribbon from their science fair and notes about their achievements. Scrapbooking is a bit of a lost art, so don’t worry if this craft form isn’t for you.

Plenty of companies offer ways to make scrapbooks quickly from your computer. Take a few snaps from social media or organize a relaxed photo shoot to help your kids who are a little more anxious in front of the camera. You can create a book of beautiful moments online in a few minutes.

3. Find A Journaling App

A quicker way to capture memories with your babies is using a journaling app to take photos and notes about their development. You can easily access these on your cellphone — some might send you push notifications to remind you to snap pictures or write about their day.

You can share the images with friends and family or use video for more versatility than a standard scrapbook. Luckily, many of these are also free — a significant bonus since raising children can be pretty expensive.

4. Save Them An Email Address

Creating an email to send your kids’ photos and milestones to is an easy and free way to capture their memories as they grow up. However, you’ll be responsible for taking pictures and writing notes, so consider setting a reminder weekly or monthly, depending on how often you want to send updates.

The best part of using an email is it creates a digital time capsule. Many moms recommend making one once you pick your baby’s name and send them letters as their life progresses. Just remember to log into their email even after they’re not little anymore to avoid the account going inactive and possibly being deleted by the provider.

5. Take Daily Videos

You may have heard of apps that ask you to take a second-long video per day so it can condense them into a short video at the end of the year. These apps are a unique way to capture your children’s whole childhood instead of several moments.

Be sure you can save these directly to your phone instead of keeping them on the app. This way, you’ll be sure you can keep that video even if the developers remove the app from the store. Additionally, back these up on a computer or cloud so you’ll have them if you lose your phone.

6. Photograph or Store Their Art

Childhood is a time of plentiful creativity — with an emphasis on plentiful. Unless you have unlimited closet space, you may run out of room for your kids’ art. What better way to keep it condensed than by taking pictures of it?

It is incredibly sad to think of getting rid of your children’s creations. If you can’t bear to part with their art or school projects, create a memory box to keep them organized and safe. You can decorate them with their favorite animals, characters and colors to make the box’s exterior its own keepsake.

Keeping your children’s memories alive through the years is a beautiful way to maintain your connection throughout their lives. Luckily, you can use a few methods to sustain those special times. These are some of the best ways to capture memories as your kids grow up.


We love these unique ideas for capturing memories of your kids! Tell us how you preserve their childhood years in the comments.

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