Our Mom To Mom Expert Does A Q&A With Her 10-Year-Old

Happy September to all the mamas out there! We did it, guys…we made it to the first month of school. As happy as I am to see my little ones head off to school, I will miss my long summer days, playing until bedtime.

The other day, my 10-year-old was asking me a series of questions about parenting, because that is how her curious mind works. It dawned on me that as much as I love doing these mom to mom articles with other incredible mothers, I have never formally introduced myself.

It was then that I had the idea for my oldest daughter to conduct an interview with me, giving her an opportunity to learn more about my world as a mother and our readers an opportunity to get to know me better as well. 

I had her write down ten questions that pertained to the world of motherhood that she wanted to ask me. I told her I would give my genuine responses and record them for this article, and she was all in! So, without further ado, let me introduce myself. 

My name is Megan, and I am what you would call the “mom voice” perspective here at Monet. I live in Orange County with my husband and two daughters. When I am not writing articles, I love to go to the beach and Disneyland with my family. If I’m not doing that, you’ll find me on the couch watching a good movie.

I have a genuine passion for content creation and love to express myself through photography as well as working out. I absolutely love being a part of the Monet team and love the platform we’ve built and grown. Now that I have formally introduced myself, allow me to answer the questions that my daughter, Emma, has prepared.

1. When Did You Know You Wanted To Become A Mom?

I feel like I’ve always known I wanted to be a mother since I was a kid. I honestly had the best role model for a mother so having a great example in front of me always made me want to be one myself. I didn’t have a specific age in mind when I wanted to start a family, I just knew I wanted to be a mother at some point. 

2. What’s The Hardest Thing About Being A Mom?

Wow, this feels like such a loaded question! What I mean by that is, there are so many versions of “hard” when it comes to parenthood. Hard comes in stages. When you’re born, the hard part is the lack of sleep and self-care. When you’re in elementary school, the difficulty is the lack of free time and self-care. When you’re in middle and high school, the hardest part is all of the fights and the lack of needing me so much. When you’re grown up, the hard part is not needing me at all and hoping I hear from you. It’s all hard, it’s just different parts in different stages. 

3. What’s The Easiest Part About Being A Mom?

I would have to say, the genuine love and unconditional friendship I get from you and your sister. Seeing your smiling faces when I pick you up fills my cup, because I know that it’s temporary and one day you will drive yourself home and I will be hoping for some of your time. It’s the easiest part of the job and the best part of life. Your love and time means the world to me, and it’s something I cherish more than anything on this planet. 

4. What’s Your Favorite Way To Relax As A Mom?

My favorite way to relax is to sit on the couch and watch something I’ve probably already seen before. Marvel movies are my go-to wind down movies. If I’m not doing that, taking a nice, long hot shower always helps. 

5. Do You Have Any Regrets As A Mom?

I’m sure I do, but motherhood is one of those things you get better as you learn from personal experiences. No one is a perfect first time mother. We all do our best to give as much love and care as we can. Living with regret serves no purpose. 

6. What’s Your Least Favorite Mom Chore?

I would have to say cleaning your room as often as I do! There is something about cleaning up the same thing over and over again that is just a bit maddening. That or the bathrooms.

7. What’s Your Favorite Thing To Bake Or Cook?

I would say taco pasta, only because you talked about it for days afterward. Anything that I make that makes you or your sister or dad happy is my favorite thing to make. 

8. What Is Your Favorite Thing About Your Mom?

Everything. I know that sounds silly, but she was just such a great mom. She made every holiday magical. She was at every soccer practice and soccer game. She managed to have her own job and make almost every meal. I still don’t know how she did it all, and I’m on this side of it now. She was a real superhero, and I miss her every day. 

9. Can You Describe Being A Mom In One Word? If So, What Word?


10. What’s The Hardest Part About Being A Mom And Working?

I would have to say putting equal energy into all areas. You can’t show up to work tired, and you can’t show up to parenthood tired. Your employer deserves your best, and your kids deserve your best as well. Some days you don’t have much left to give, and some days you have more than you expect. Some days you’re sick and you’re able to call out of work but not ever able to call out sick from being a mom. The energy required is probably the hardest part about being a working mom in our world. I do, however, love that I can use my skill set to make a great living and take care of you girls. It shows a great example of what you can do as a woman.


A child/parent Q&A is a great way for kids to get to know more about their parents. Tell us what you think in the comments!

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