Quiz: Which Character From ‘A League Of Their Own’ Are You?

Here's Which Character From 'A League of Their Own' You Are
You’re Greta Gill!

You’re always at least one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to life. You’re cautious not to show your cards to anyone, and you keep the best secrets. Everyone around you loves you, even if they don’t know everything about you.
You’re Max Chapman!

The odds have been stacked against you for a while, but you love to beat them. You’re a hard worker and a big dreamer -- two things that have gotten you far in life. You never give up, no matter how tough the going might get, and everyone around you admires that.
You’re Carson Shaw!

You love to play by the rules in life, but you also know when it’s best to speak up against injustice. You’ve always played it safe, but you’re starting to see that playing it safe never got anyone anywhere.
You’re Maybelle Fox!

Some people like to write you off because they assume you’re just a pretty face, but you live for that. Any time anyone has underestimated you, you’ve proven them wrong, and nothing brings you more joy than that. You’re the cheerleader of the group, but you also have some bite in you.


Are you Carson, Greta, Max, or Maybelle? Tell us below!

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