Give Us Your Opinions On These ‘Shark Tank’ Inventions And We’ll Tell You Which Shark You Are

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Give Us Your Opinions On These Shark Tank Inventions And We'll Tell You Which Shark You Are
You’re Robert Herjavec!

You’re a fun-loving and encouraging person. Every time you spend time with people, they always let you know how valued you made them feel and how encouraged they were after your meeting. You’re the person people go to when they need a helping hand and a kind remark.
You’re Kevin O’Leary!

You are a force of nature and you want everyone to know that. You’ve spent your entire life working to be who you are now, and you know that nothing comes easy, and you want to prepare people for that. While you might come off as harsh, anyone who knows you knows that you’re one of the most sincere people out there.
You’re Mark Cuban!

Life is fun and you intend to get every bit of joy out of it. You’re the person your friends call when they need to make a plan or do something interesting, and you love that. You live for the thrill and want every day to be as full of joy as possible.
You’re Lori Greiner!

You know about every trend before it becomes big. You’re the person people come to when they need advice on what to wear, where to go, and what to buy. You pride yourself on always being the best dressed in the room, and you love it.


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