Plan A Wedding And We’ll Tell You What Rom Com You Should Rewatch

Plan A Wedding And We’ll Tell You What Rom Com You Should Rewatch
You should rewatch 27 Dresses!

You love a good love story, but you especially love one that takes a bit to figure everything out. Jane is the epitome of the woman who is always a bridesmaid, never a bride, and she’s slightly okay with that. But when her sister gets engaged to Jane’s longtime crush, takes Jane’s dream dress, and seems to have it all going for her, Jane’s supportive bridesmaid attitude goes out the window.
You should rewatch The Proposal!

There’s nothing like a romance between two people who are absolutely not in love. Margaret needs to get married to an American as soon as possible so she doesn’t get deported. Thankfully, her assistant Andrew is willing to do anything for her, even marry her. But what happens when the two discover they might like each other more than either of them bargained for?
You should rewatch Pretty Woman!

It doesn’t get more classic than this love story. Edward Lewis picks up a call girl on the street one night and redefines the word ‘love’ for her. In between soaks in the tub, shopping sprees, and the occasional steamy moment, Vivan Ward realizes that this love story might be just what she’s waited for.
You should rewatch Bride Wars!

Liv and Emma have planned their weddings since they were children. All the decor has been picked out, all the details finished, all they had to do was find their grooms. Flash forward many years later and they’ve done just that. But no one told them that planning a wedding for the same month at the same place might lead to a bit of drama.


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