Can The ‘Whisper Method’ Really Help You Manifest Your Dream Life?

‘Manifestation’ is the buzzword on everyone’s mind these days. I swear, I can’t open a single app without someone talking about it. 

While I’ve never tried manifestation, I do believe in the power of words. Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to claim anything negative. My mother believed that the second you spoke something bad into existence, the devil had a foothold on you and could make it come true.

As I got older, I realized that it was probably for the best to claim good things and speak positive words over yourself in general. But manifestation has always been a gray area for me. That is until TikTok told me I could manifest my dream life in minutes – then I hopped on the train.

What is the Whisper Method?

If you haven’t heard of the whisper method from your social feeds yet, it’s basically manifestation made simple. People’s lives are changing from it, everyone is trying it, and it’s both easy and quick.

The whisper method is easy. It’s based on the belief that you can get anyone’s attention through manifestation. People have started using this method to get their crush to ask them out, their bosses to give them a raise, and quite possibly Joe Biden to forgive student debt (yes and amen). 

A user on TikTok sat down and explained exactly how to start your whisper meditation. She explains, “What’s going to happen is that these affirmations are going to seep into the brain of the person you’re trying to manifest and they will begin to view you the way you view yourself.” Or the way you want to be viewed.

How to do Whisper Manifestation

1. Visualize the person.

Get a mental image of the person you want to talk to and where they are. The more specific, the better. 

2. Picture yourself walking up to them and whispering in their ear.

Is this an invasion of privacy? Maybe.

3. Repeat what you want three times. 

Imagine yourself whispering a simple phrase, wish, or command three times in this person’s ear. 

4. Kiss them on the forehead and walk away. 

You just invaded their subconscious, I guess the least you can do is leave them with a kiss. 

5. Once you leave, believe. 

Don’t be skeptical that it will or won’t work, be patient, but accept that it will happen. 

I’m not going to lie, this sounds a bit out there for me. I love affirmations and ‘claiming’ good things, but this week is going to be a little strange. That being said, I have a whole list of people I can think about doing this on, so I’ll see at the end.

My Week

I really wanted to come back at the end of the week and talk about the amazing breakthroughs and wins I had, but I didn’t have any. 

I don’t want to say who or what I thought of and asked for this week. It’s private, and it also feels akin to telling someone what you wished for right after you blow out your birthday candles — it makes the wish not come true. 

That being said, nothing I manifested has come true yet, but that’s not to say it won’t. I’m still holding out hope because that’s what the method tells me to do. 

As I was practicing the whisper manifestation this week, I realized its biggest downfall. You have to imagine not only the person but also where they are in great detail. That’s wonderful if you’re trying to tell your husband to take you out tonight, but not as easy if you’re asking someone for something and you’ve never been to their house, office, or wherever they might be at the moment. 

Also, you have to picture the person clearly. I don’t know about y’all, but I can picture about 50 people clearly, and those are the people I’m closest with. If I wanted to manifest something outside of the little sphere of people I know very well, I wouldn’t be able to picture the person or their environment clearly. I think the amount of knowledge you have to have about the person you’re whispering to limits who you can try this tactic on. 

I did use the guided visualization from the TikTok from user “daddy saturn,” and the girl began by describing the room I was walking into, so maybe you don’t have to picture exactly where the person is at the moment. 

Other than that, this week was relatively painless. The method doesn’t take long at all, and I found myself doing it one to two times a day for about two minutes. I also felt better after I tried the manifestation because it increased mindfulness and clarity. It felt a lot like meditation, and I love any chance I get to meditate.

My Results

It’s difficult for me to judge because I don’t want to write off this method of manifesting completely, but I haven’t seen any results yet. I don’t think there’s harm in practicing this form of manifestation, but I also don’t know if it’s worth it. 

That being said, it took me less than two minutes to practice whisper manifestation every day this week, so if you want to give it a try, it’s not intrusive and it isn’t a time commitment whatsoever. 

Other than that, there’s not much else to say. I don’t think I’ll practice the whisper manifestation again after this week, but I don’t necessarily think that the week was wasted. If nothing else, this week allowed me to focus on what I wanted in life, figure out who held the power to help me do that, and focus my energy on achieving those goals. 

A lot of the things I wanted to manifest were either so far in the future that they don’t matter too much in my present circumstances, or I had the power to get them. 

While whisper manifestation is popular, it didn’t work for me…yet.


Have you ever tried whisper manifestation? Has it worked for you? Comment below!

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