How To Overcome Anxiety Through Spirituality

Hi! I’m Melissa, a yogini, lover of good coffee, mountain time, and sleep. Some days you will find me perched on my meditation cushion with my loyal pup Otto nearby, searching for perspective. Other days, I am dancing in the kitchen to Beyonce while I cook dinner for my family! It’s a blissful balance of self-care and joy, but this is not how it’s always been. I am also a wife and mama of two beautiful souls. In my struggle to meet their needs, I started to become overwhelmed and felt like I was losing parts of myself. I spent years with intense digestive discomfort and chronic pain. I’ve battled distorted body image and anxiety.

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​The adjustment to motherhood was not an easy one for me. Post-partum anxiety overwhelmed my daily life. I continued on, as we mothers do, but I felt lost in a sea of taking care of everyone but me. When I became a mother, I had transitioned from a career as an elementary school teacher to co-founding my dream creative business. I loved what I was doing and felt truly fulfilled. Then the business and partnership ended and suddenly it seemed like I was constantly sick. It was a dramatic shift for me. 

I continued on, as we mothers do, but I felt lost in a sea of taking care of everyone but me.

A lifelong seeker, I devoted myself to finding the source of my pain and a path to healing. I was willing to try anything, and I basically did. Despite my willingness to try all of these different treatments and protocols, it became apparent that not one magical cure existed. No one doctor or guru was going to completely heal me. No magic pill could be swallowed to make the pain disappear. I started journaling daily and answering my soul’s call to connect with nature and breath. I began to connect deeply with my intuition and let my body “tell me” what it needed to heal. Finding the answers took patience, presence and grace. I learned techniques, rituals, and healing modalities that spoke to my soul and assisted me on my journey. 

melissa guest post

Breath by Breath. 

Day by Day. 

I worked on healing from the inside. I processed pain, trauma and grief and found ways to achieve a balance in my body and mind that had previously seemed impossible.  I have become a certified yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, sound bath master, health & nutrition coach, hypnosis guide and (soon to be) breath-work facilitator. I feel honored to use what have learned to guide and empower women on their own paths to breathing more CREATIVITY, HEALTH & ABUNDANCE into their lives. 


How do you cope when life gets overwhelming? What spiritual practices speak to you? Let us know in the comments!

About Melissa

Melissa is based in Austin, TX with her husband, two daughters, a cat, and two cuddly pups. She loves a great cup of coffee, crisp mountain air, journaling her feels, and impromptu dance parties in her kitchen.  She is a certified yoga teacher, channeled light practitioner, sound bath master, holistic health & mindset coach, hypnosis guide and breath-work facilitator.

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