Want To Tap Into Your Flow State? Here’s How!

Flow has always been a big part of my life, although I describe it in several different ways. I feel that flow when I’m lost in my work or when I’m so consumed with what I’m doing that I lose track of time. I’m in my groove or zone. I feel inspired. 

Besides a sense of accomplishment, I tap into a feeling of bliss, even happiness. It sends chills down my spine. And sometimes, it even feels like I could accomplish just about anything. So, what is flow and why is it so important? 

What Is Flow?

Flow is simple. It’s a state of mind when you’re immersed in a single-minded activity. Flow is a happy experience, one that not only offers a boost to your creativity but also supports a better, more happy mood. Here’s a quick rundown on what it is. 

  • Flow makes you forget about everything and everyone around you. 

  • You feel in complete control with a sense of happiness and calm. 

  • You’re focused on the work or task at hand. 

  • Flow allows you to be in the moment. 

Artists, writers, musicians, and even athletes talk about tapping into the flow, but you can achieve that mental state with your hobbies, work projects, or any number of other creative pursuits. Time seems to stand still as you’re challenged by and engaged in the work.

Why Is Flow So Essential?

We all need some flow in our lives, but it also requires a re-evaluation of time and how we spend it. Multi-tasking is all the rage, but flow requires a single-minded focus of attention. In that inspired (frozen) moment of time, I create some of my best work.

In an interview with The Writer Files, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about her flow: “By the end of a project, when I have barn fever, it may become six or even eight hours a day…but that’s only at the end, when I feel like I’m riding a bicycle fast down a hill, with no hands. Such episodes are real.”

Other bestselling authors like Faye Kellerman, Sue Grafton, Ursula Le Guin, and Jane Smiley use the flow to create their prize-winning books. Flow allows you to find balance, loosen up, and even focus in on the task at hand. 

How To Tap Into Flow

Flow is the state of mind that allows you to complete important tasks. It’s not magic. It still takes hard work and dedication. If you’ve been trying to achieve flow without success, you may have been missing a few of the tips for how to tap into flow. Here’s how to get started. 

Do What You Love

The easiest way to push past the lack of inspiration or block and move into a sense of flow is to do what you love. If you hate the task, you’re more likely to avoid the task. So, you’re unlikely to be comfortable honing in on the project with single-minded focus if you’re not passionate about it. 

Make A Difference

If your project makes an impact, it’s just one more way to ensure you’ll get in the flow. You’ll be engaged and focused on getting the job done with the understanding of how your work will affect your life and the lives of others around you. 

You may focus on a passion project that much more when you know how important it really is. It might have long-term ramifications. When your work has meaning and purpose, it’s easier to get excited about what you’re trying to accomplish. 

Find The Right Time

Timing really is a big part of getting into the flow. It might be that you can tap into the flow in the morning. For me, I’m often most inspired late at night when the house is quiet and I can focus on my passion projects. 

Perhaps the right time is really about making sure you’ve done your research, and you’re ready to pull all the pieces together. You’ve figured out what you know and what you want to say, whether that’s in your report, your hobby, your painting, or your project. 

Get Into The Right Space

You’ll achieve flow more easily if you’re inspired and creating in the space that’s right for you. Perhaps you like to create, write, or work in a noisy coffee shop, or on a quiet park bench. Or it might be that your home desk is really the best. 

Of course, you may also need to consider the sounds of your space, but you’ll also be more focused on your task if you’ve decluttered your space. I usually prefer to listen to my favorite tunes while enjoying the flow of creative projects. 

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to achieve flow without proper practice. You might have some successes by accident, but the more you work at it and refine your process, the easier it will be to achieve that flow you’re after.

It’s a learning experience. Just because anyone can string a series of words, thoughts, images, or arguments together doesn’t mean that just anyone can achieve a state of flow. You can only become better with lots of practice, but you should also be ready and willing to learn from your mistakes. 

Fortunately, all that practice really does pay off. You can tap into that sense of bliss and happiness when you lose track of time and just let yourself go. When you take the time to learn how to tap into the flow, it’s satisfying and productive while it continues to be a work in progress. You’ll get more adept at it, and your life and creative energies may never be the same. 


What are your thoughts on finding your flow? Share with us in the comments!

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