8 Of The Best Games To Play On Family Game Night

A family get-together always feels incomplete without an all-nighter fun game night. 

In a typical family, though, everyone will have different ages, interests, and hobbies. So, trying to find a game that entertains everyone can seem like an impossible task at times. 

We made a list of eight popular games that people of all ages will enjoy and won’t get bored with. Keep reading for our top picks!

Games To Play With Your Family 

Considering the ages of the family members becomes important when selecting a game to play. 

Whether you’re picking a game to play with your grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, or the little kids in your family, you should make sure that the game appeals to everyone who’s involved. 

A game that includes a lot of instructions and has lengthy gameplay or is highly complex might not be the best option for little kids or older members of your family. Similarly, if a game is too simple, then the adults will get bored.

Look out for games that are technically simple to play but involve depth and an extra strategy chance for adults. 

There are a lot of games that you can convince your family members to play with you. You can try to go for cooperative games. When you play a cooperative game with your family, they are less likely to have a rift; instead, they will unite to arrive at their common aim. 

Games that involve trivia, adventure, and strategies could also work wonders. The first one would test the knowledge of the players and the adventure games would help them to explore. 

Strategy games allow the players to open up their minds and plan to win a game. The players would focus more on decision-making. 

If you’re still wondering what games you should play with your family, here’s a list to help you out!

Indoor Game of Hopscotch

There isn’t any kind of a new approach to this game but you can play this game as an indoor game by making the boxes with colored tape or with chalk. 

If you have a big area then you can try to make a bigger indoor hopscotch. Lay out the boxes in a clear space of your home so that they are visible. 

Paper Plane Making 

The best game to test your family members on aerodynamics. All you have to do is pass around some letter-sized papers and have your family members fold them into a paper plane. 

Then, after you all are done with making your paper planes, “fly” them all in the same direction. Whichever plane goes on the longest flight wins. 


Charades is a classic game that everyone returns to after they’ve exhausted other options. Start by splitting yourself into two teams.

Write down a few prompts and ask the players to pull one of them out of a bowl and enact them. Whichever of the two teams guesses more movies wins! 


Scrabble is a fun word game that would be even more fun if you have some grammar freaks in your family. You might even learn some new words from your family members! Plus, Scrabble allows all players to really engage their minds as they try to come up with words. 

If you still feel stuck while playing Scrabble (and if your family doesn’t mind you getting some help), check out this amazing website!

Indoor Bowling Game

Find a vast area in your house where you can practice indoor bowling and then grab ten plastic bottles and a ball. 

Arrange all ten bottles in the shape of a triangle, as it is in a professional bowling game. Place four bottles in the last row, three in the row in front of it, then two, and lastly, one. 

Once these bottles are set, take turns rolling the ball toward them. Whichever player knocks over the most bottles wins! 

Balloon Tennis Game 

Have you ever wanted to play a game of tennis at your own home without worrying about breaking everything? Now you can! All you need are some balloons and tennis rackets. 

After all the balloons are blown up, start the game by swatting them back and forth. If you want, you can keep score, but if you only want to toss around the balloon in the room, you can do that as well.

Pass The Pigs 

Pass the Pigs includes only two dice and the game has one goal — to earn 100 points and win the game. 

Whenever it’s your turn, roll the dice and tally the number of points as the dice show. You just have to keep rolling the dice and earning points until you reach 100 points. 

Whoever earns 100 points earlier than the rest of the family members wins the game! But there is a catch to this game. If you roll your dice and land on the number one, you lose all your previously earned points!


Bananagrams can be played as an alternative to Scrabble. In this game, each player uses letter tiles to try to make words as quickly as possible. 

As people try to create a word, they tend to take more letters from the pool of letters and have to fit them into their already existing words. 

After the letter tiles’ pool is left devoid of letters, the player who uses all of their letter tiles and shouts “BANANAS” wins the game! 


What are your go-to games to play on family night? Share with us in the comments!

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