ICYMI, Extracurriculars Can Actually Make A Huge Difference For Your Kids

I don’t know about you, but growing up, my afternoons were stacked with activities. From soccer practice to Girl Scouts, it felt like almost every day was planned out for me ahead of time.

There were moments when I hated the routine and wanted to be like some of my other friends who just got to come home and relax after school. The older I got, the more I realized just how essential those after school activities were to my development, and to keeping me on the right path. 

Why Extracurricular Activities For Kids Are So Important

To be frank, having your children in extracurricular activities builds the essential social skills we need, while teaching many other life lessons such as teamwork, time management, and hard work, to name a few.

Some examples of extracurricular activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Sports

  • Student Unions or Clubs 

  • Dance 

  • Photography 

  • Volunteering 

  • Drama 

  • Arts 

  • Girl/Boy Scouts 

  • Music

Which Extracurricular Activity Do Your Kids Love?

Choosing one or a few from what’s listed above can break up the week for both you and your child. I know some families may have multiple children at home with passions they want to explore.

The cost of these activities can really add up for a family, so exploring options through the city or your child’s school can be a good way to save on cost. Go online or head to your city’s parks and recreation building to pick up a catalog of the latest activities being offered for the season.

What is undeniable is the lifelong friendships that can be made when joining an after school activity. I personally made some of my closest friends while playing soccer or selling Girl Scout cookies, and I’m so grateful my parents sacrificed the time and energy to let me find activities I naturally gravitated toward.

Your child may try something for a season or two and realize it really isn’t for them. They may also try something out because a friend is also interested, all to find out that it’s really not for them. Allow them to test the waters in new territories. They’ll never know what they truly think about it until they try. 

When I was in school, my extracurriculars were constant, and I feel that kept my focus and internal drive on point. I thrived on team accomplishments just as much as I did on personal ones, and watching my teammates do well was just as rewarding. 

My girls have been doing extra things to accompany school since they were just old enough to walk, and they absolutely love it! I hope they continue to improve on the activities they have already chosen, while keeping an open mind to new ones in the future.

Ask your kids open-ended questions to see what type of things interest them and find an activity that would help them thrive. You’ll love seeing them improve, and they’ll appreciate your genuine support in their growth.


Which extracurricular activities were your favorite growing up? Do your kids gravitate toward the same ones? Share your stories in the comments below!

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