Mom To Mom: How To Create A Family Summer Bucket List

Summer is just around the corner, and so is the fun! It feels like, in the beginning, the fun never ends, but as you get towards the middle and end of summer, everyone gets burnt out and bored. Creating a summer bucket list of ideas you would like to do as a family is a fun way to keep the entertainment going all season long! 

How do you create a family summer bucket list? It’s as easy as gathering together and brainstorming ideas for a final draft that can be displayed for everyone to see. I’m going to share some tips and tricks on how to create the best summer bucket list for your scorching summer calendar! 



Step One: Gather Together As A Family

Creating the summer bucket list should be a family-oriented event. Everyone should have the chance to give their input on what they would like to do over the summer or places they would like to visit. If one family member created the list for everyone, there may be a few hot ticket items that go unheard. 

Have everyone bring a sheet of paper and pen and gather together in a common room to write down individual things they would like to do. When everyone is done, have each person share out loud ideas they would like to follow through on. The best ideas can go on a master list, that can be rewritten and seen by all. You can also gather together without the paper and pen, and shout out ideas to be written down on one shared list. Whatever idea works best for you — just make sure that the entire family is present to participate.

Step Two: Consider Family Finances 

There may be a few ideas that sound fantastic but are a bit out of the budget to consider. We would all like to take a trip to Hawaii or even Disneyland. Each family has their own personal budget they are working with, so if it feels appropriate, you can share that information with the family when you are brainstorming ideas. Set a family budget ahead of time that you plan on utilizing for fun summer activities and vacations, and try to stick to that budget as best as possible. 

Try not to shut down family ideas that seem a bit out of reach financially, as simply sharing ideas can be goals to set for future vacations. Let everyone share what is on their personal bucket list, and tailor your final list to a more realistic setting for your family. 

Step Three: Display Your Bucket List In A Pleasing Way

Now that you have your list of ideas, you can re-create the list to fit your home decor. Take a roll of plain paper and write the list out in an aesthetically pleasing way to display in your kitchen or family room. When you complete something on your list, you can cross it off and watch your list get accomplished throughout the season. 

You can also type your list out and put it as your screensaver on your family computer, or display your list of ideas on the refrigerator. However you decide to display it, be sure it is visible and can be seen by everyone. There is something really fun about seeing things get crossed off, and watching memories be created simply by making your summer bucket list. 

A Few Last Tips

Creating this list can be exciting and so rewarding. There is something about writing something down and crossing it off that makes you more inclined to actually do it! If you plan ahead next year and do this family activity in the winter or spring, you can use that time to save some cushion money for your bucket list. 

That being said, you can also create a bucket list of things that are low in cost or cost nothing at all. Memories that last a lifetime do not have to cost a dime. Keep an open mind when hearing others’ ideas, and be sure to make a cohesive list of things that come from everyone’s individual requests. 

Lastly, have fun in the creating process! Once the ideas start to be shared out loud, you will get a spark of ideas you didn’t initially think of when writing your own list down. Map out on the calendar when you plan on doing these things, so they are not just simply ideas but plans. Happy summer!


Have you written a bucket list? What’s on your family’s summer bucket list? Tell us in the comments below!

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