The Best High Waisted Jeans And Shorts For Curvy Ladies

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Fellow curvy ladies, it’s time to tackle an issue we’ve been putting up with all our lives. An issue that’s become more pronounced with the comeback of 90’s fashion, and an issue you’ve probably encountered with high-waisted jeans, in particular. That’s right – I’m talking about finding pants that actually fit. Jeans you don’t need to wear a belt with. Shorts that comfortably cinch in at the waist and are roomy in the hips. In other words, pants that don’t completely suck.

My ages-old issue with pants came to a head a couple months ago. I’d recently lost some weight after a bout of stomach flu and all the weight came off my waist, not my lower half. I put on my favorite pair of high-waisted jeans — I wear a size 12 — and they were comfortably baggy on my thighs in that cute mom-chic way. Above my hips, though, the pants were ginormous. I ended up borrowing a size small belt (?!?! I’ve never worn a small ANYTHING in my LIFE) to get them to cinch in enough around the waist. The result? I looked a bit like a potato sack. Not cute, not chic, not comfy. 0/10. 

I figured jeans for curvy women were probably out there somewhere, but that they’d be too hard to find or too expensive. But after this latest incident, I decided it was time to try. So I did some digging, and now I’m proud to present you with my list of all the best jeans for curvy women!

Old Navy

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The two pairs of jeans I ordered immediately were both from Old Navy. I got them on sale at about $20 each (they’re the first two linked below), and boy oh boy, was I blown away! They fit like a glove. They don’t hug my booty quite as much as I want – my hips are super wide, so I frequently have some excess fabric at the base of my butt/inner thigh area. But my biggest issue was officially solved, and I can wear both of these pants without a belt!

Good American

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Curvy fit is the name of the game with Good American. It’s not hard to imagine why; after all, the brand was founded by Khloe Kardashian, who’s no stranger to the ins and outs of dressing a curvy body. 

The jeans come in sizes 00-24, and a quick Reddit search has me sprinting to “add to cart.” They can get a little pricey, so I must confess, I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m saving up for a pair!


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Madewell’s selection of curvy jeans is another on my docket of brands to try! Reviewers tend to rave about the curvy fit, saying it’s flattering for the tummy. Do read the reviews before you buy, though, as many customers recommend sizing down!


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Though MOTHER isn’t a brand that necessarily focuses on accommodating curves, the curvy ladies of the internet seem to swear by the brand. One reviewer even said of MOTHER’s Pixie Rambler Ankle Jeans, “It is so difficult for me to find jeans that fit with wide hips, athletic legs and a small waist but these fit so well. The negative is that with thicker legs they look less like they have a flair (like the model) and more straight leg. I think I’ll keep and fray the bottoms.”

And as a ‘lil bonus, here are some of the best jeans for curvy women that don’t fall into any of the above brands!


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