Have Date Night In! Here Are The 7 Best Games For Couples

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Who doesn’t love a good game night? I genuinely believe that couples who can be pitted against each other during game night and emerge still in love are the strongest kinds of couples. Or better yet, those who can threaten death, destruction, and their firstborn children during a game and still come out alive (that’s me). 

No matter how much fun you might have during big game nights, there’s also something to be said about having a cozy game night in with just you and your partner. So today, we’re making that date night easy with our favorite two-player games for a perfect date night in!arrow

Bananagrams      board games for couples

This game is a personal favorite of mine! There are a number of ways to play this game, whether the goal is to make the longest word, the most words, or to use the most letters; but whichever way you play it, it’s sure to stir up some friendly competition! This game is perfect for Scrabble lovers and quick thinkers!

SHOP – $13.49

Spot It!Spot It

Relationships have been ruined, families broken up, and tears have been shed over this game. I’m just kidding (I’m not). Every card has one object on it that’s in common with another card. The only challenge? Finding that one thing! You can play this in a group or with your partner! This game is perfect for those who crave competition and like to think on their toes.

SHOP – $9.89

Codenames: Duetboard games for couples

If you’ve never played Codenames before, you’re missing out. This is a revamped version just for the two of you! Together, you and your partner have to work together to find the agents you can safely contact while avoiding the enemy assassins. If you and your hubby don’t love competitive games and are strong problem-solvers, this is the game for you!

SHOP – $15.99

Exploding KittensExploding kittens

A card game that can make you explode? Well, not literally. Think Old Maid, just updated…and with ‘Defuse Cards’…and other magical powers…and exploding kittens. Okay, maybe nothing like Old Maid. This game is perfect if you love a laugh, a game of chance, and KITTENS!

SHOP – $19.82

Patchworkboard games for couples

Let’s make a quilt, but make it fun! Patchwork is a strategy-driven game that requires each player to make the most aesthetically pleasing quilt. The catch? Each patch costs money, or buttons and time! This game has a cult following for sure and everyone who plays it becomes addicted!

SHOP – $26.99

Tacocat Spelled Backwards

tacocat spelled backwards

If you love Exploding Kittens, the company is back with a two-player board game for you! Just put Tacocat on the board and start drawing cards. The highest card wins, and the winner brings Tacocat one space closer! This game is perfect for the couple who knows that luck is just strategizing properly.

SHOP – $11.84

Fox in the Forestboard games for couples

Special abilities, beautiful forests, and an updated card game. What could be better? The game is rather simple — the highest card in each round wins a ‘trick’. But it gets complicated when you can only have 10 tricks before you get ‘Greedy’ and go back to 1!

SHOP – $15


We’re so excited for game night in! Did we round up your favorite games? Comment below!

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