15 TikToks That Will Make You Laugh A Little Too Hard About Relationships

We all have those funny (or horrific) relationship stories that both entertain and humor us — here are some of our favorite TikToks that really showcase the hilarious parts of dating! 


1. How I Should Be Treated

Credit: shawnjohnson

2. The Differences Between Dating and Marriage

Credit: treynkennedy

3. This *Crappy* Date Night


Pls tell me ur embarrassing stories in the comments so I don’t feel so bad about myself 🥲 #greenscreen

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Credit: gingerslunt

4. Granny Speaking TRUTH

Credit: grandma_droniak

5. When Partners Watch Reality TV

Credit: kylegordonisgreat

6. A ‘Mug’ Thing


@chellybeanbaby3 sry for holding us back in the beginning there #FerragamoLetsDance #couple #couplecomedy

♬ Let Her Go – Acoustic Guitar Guy

Credit: kylejordanmusic

7. It’s The Rain, Of Course

Credit: _belliemarie

8. Two Types of People

Credit: dadtothefuture

9. We’re Not The Same

Credit: soshelbsnroc

10. When He Offers to Help


#repost #duet with @longislanddirt_ too funny not to repost #fyp#laughingchad2

♬ original sound – Chad

Credit: laughingchad_

11. Heartbreaking Reality

Credit: _lilijaaa

12. The Age Old Question

Credit: adamxmelinda

13. How to Get a Free Shopping Spree

Credit: karissaastevens

14. Lingerie Lines

Credit: taylortomlinsoncomedy

15. Big Help for the Big Day


It’s the ~ummm sure~ for me. 🎥: @atierney910 #engaged #fiancecheck #theknot #weddingplanning

♬ In Love With You – BLVKSHP

Credit: theknot


Relationships definitely have their ups and downs, and these TikToks show all sides of it! What’s your funniest dating story? Comment below!

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