Your Heart Will Melt When You See These Sweet Kiddos On TikTok

Babies and kids are so adorable and they’ve found their spotlight on TikTok. Here are our favorite videos of the cutest kids to warm your heart today!

1. This Sweet Baby and Dog Relationship

2. The BADDEST Word


A little dose of Delta to start your week 😅

♬ original sound – Kellie Gerardi

3. It’s The Hand Hold For Us

4. Just a Boy and His Snickers


The “I love you Snickers” did it for me 🥺#kloud9acres

♬ Don’t Worry Be Happy – Reggae Allstars

5. This Puppy-Baby Relationship

6. Daddy Daughter Date

7. The Best Wedding Gift

8. The Biggest Cheeks for the Smallest Girl 

9. The Little Smile

10. This Costume!

11. The Little Dance

12. This Weightlifter

13. The Giggles

14. Emotional Support Eggs

15. Vacation Mode: On


Is your heart melted like ours? Which video was your favorite? Comment below!

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