Mod Podge Pumpkins Are This Fall’s Cutest Trend, And We’re Decorating Them Right Now

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When it comes to pumpkin decorating during this time of year, there are two types of people: the carvers and the painters. Each option has its benefits, but the process is generally the same. Mod Podge pumpkins create a fun texture using decorative items such as paper napkins and can break up the sea of orange and white gourds you use to “spookify” your home. You can use a traditional pumpkin, or head to your nearest craft store to pick up a faux one.

Whatever route you choose, it feels like those childhood days of paper mache fun, and we’re here for it! Here are general guidelines for making your own mod podge pumpkins.


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To start, you’ll need the following ingredients:

1. Pumpkin base of choice

2. Mod Podge

3. Paintbrush

4. Scissors

5. Festive decorative napkins

Once you have your materials gathered, it’s time to get started!

To begin, simply cut out the piece of the napkin you wish to glue on. Apply some mod podge to the desired area of the pumpkin and stick your cut out piece on. Cover the napkin piece with mod podge. Repeat the process until one side of the pumpkin is covered. Let it sit and dry for about an hour, then start to cover the other side of the pumpkin.

Once the pumpkin is completely covered, allow it to dry. Once dry, you can add decorative pieces like star tinsel to resemble pumpkin leaves and vines, glitter paint to add some sparkle, or leave as is for some festive fun!

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How do you decorate your pumpkins? Have you made mod podge pumpkins, or are you a carver? Tell us in the comments!

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