How to Avoid (And Fix) Cakey Makeup

It’s 2022 and we have enough to worry about without constantly sweating over cakey makeup (ha). Makeup can smudge and get cakey if we sweat, wear it for a long time, or do not use a good setting spray. Avoiding cakey makeup by using the right products in the perfect quantity is a key makeup skill to master.

Here are some tips to help you avoid cakey makeup this summer (and all year long!):

Concentrate On The Under-Eye Area

Always use an eye primer and hydrate the under-eye area with aloe gel or special eye cream. Dry skin will make your makeup look patchy and start flaking in a short time, thwarting all your makeup efforts. Use a setting powder to seal the eyeliner or kohl to prevent them from smudging, and use the right under-eye concealer.

Thick, curly lashes are the highlight of beautiful eyes, and false lashes and a good lash curler will help you achieve them. Use waterproof lash extensions from brands like Lilac ST, Sweed, Velour, and Trish McEvoy to get the best result. Fake lashes can help you minimize other eye makeup and worry less about caking.

Foundation Application

Choose the right foundation shade for your skin tone by testing various shades. Try the foundation on the jawline instead of your hands to get the best results, and choose the shade that looks most natural. Choose a primer that goes well with your foundation – the shade will change if the primer is even slightly pigmented. Use a small quantity of primer, foundation, and concealer, and blend them well from the middle of the face outwards.

Use a damp sponge or a brush designed for foundation application and take enough time to blend them properly. Apply a coat of foundation and wait for a few minutes while doing your eye makeup. Proceed with other makeup (like contouring and highlighting) after your foundation has set. If necessary, apply a very thin second coating and blend it well to cover problematic areas.

Long-lasting Makeup

Long-lasting makeup can be achieved if you use a good makeup setting spray. Makeup gets cakey after some time because the particles in the foundation and other makeup items start to flake due to dryness. A setting spray will help hold all the makeup molecules together for a longer time, preventing them from becoming patchy. Do not layer powdered products over cream-based products, and try to minimize product usage.

You can fix cakey makeup with the right touch-up by swiping off the specific area with makeup remover wipes. Reapply a little primer or concealer, blend it well with the other makeup, and touch up with blush or bronzer. Try waterproof products if you’re going to events where you will sweat profusely, like a summer barbecue.

Celebrity Secrets To Avoid Caking

Celebrities often stay under camera light, and their skin gets exposed to three times more heat than ordinary people. Yet their makeup stays intact for a long time when they come to meetings or appear in public and it rarely gets cakey. Their number one secret is using the perfect moisturizer and primer to hydrate the skin and give a base for the makeup to stick better.

Many of us start our makeup with a foundation or concealer, but celebs never skip primer and moisturizer. They often choose high-quality primers that pave the way for sheer makeup coverage and avoid caking. They use the right brushes and sponges to apply makeup and do regular touch-ups to keep the makeup intact for a long time. Invest in the right moisturizer and primer that hydrates your skin and the right brushes to glow like a celebrity with perfect makeup.

Hiding Fine Lines

The common mistake most of us make while applying makeup is using too many products where we have wrinkles and fine lines. The makeup starts to smudge and appear patchy on the areas with fine lines. An expert secret to avoid this is to apply a very light coat of face oil on the areas around our mouth, eyes, and forehead where the fine lines are visible.

Apply the face oil on the back of your hand, dab it with a sponge and apply to the areas with fine lines. Another trick is to use a quality eye primer on those areas to hide the fine lines instead of using more concealer or foundation. Using fewer products naturally decreases patchiness, and the oil and primer hold on to the foundation preventing it from flaking easily.


Will you use any of these tips to avoid cakey makeup? Tell us in the comments!

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