Pique’s Tea Promises Radiant Skin, But Does It Actually Deliver?

I love getting free stuff, so when Pique offered to send us their teas to review, I jumped at the chance to sample their highly-rated crystal teas!

We received the B•Tox Fountain | Beauty Electrolyte tea and the Sun Goddess Matcha Green Tea

pique tea

First up, I tried the yuzu berry B•Tox Fountain, which is infused with hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Why would they put these ingredients in tea? Great question, dear readers, and one I asked myself. 

Pique says that this formula benefits your skin from the inside

How Does It Work?

“Discover youthful skin from within,” says Pique. “Restore your skin’s moisture and elasticity for a dewy glow from the inside out. 

“A breakthrough in total hydration with natural ceramides, hyaluronic acid, electrolytes and minerals to replenish your cells and reduce fine lines. Powered by cutting-edge F-SIS™ technology for enhanced absorption.”

Sounds great, right? Right! But how does its yuzu berry flavor taste? 

I’d never even heard of the yuzu berry, but it is “The most popular acidic fruit grown commercially in Japan,” according to WebMD. “The origin of yuzu is highly debated — many believe it is a cross between a mandarin orange and a lesser-known citrus called papeda. A yuzu resembles a small, bumpy orange.”

Well, it may look like an orange, but it tastes like pink lemonade – and I love pink lemonade. Do not be wary of the yuzu berry, dear reader, as it is delicious in tea form. 

How To Use

The directions are as follows: 

  • Drink B•Tox Fountain any time of day to hydrate and repair skin from within.

  • For best results, drink 1 packet 1-2 times daily to replenish electrolytes and essential trace minerals. Increase when traveling, dehydrated, or during dry months.

I’m always dehydrated, so I drank it 2 times per day for a week. You mix a sachet with 12-16 oz. of cold water (I did 12 oz.) and enjoy. Make sure you add the tea crystal before the water, otherwise it won’t mix as well — I made that mistake the first time. 

Now that we’ve established I love the flavor, let’s get into the other benefits promised — am I glowing from the inside out? Y’all know how much I love my skin to look dewy

After one week of drinking the tea, I haven’t noticed any major changes, but my skin does feel slightly more moisturized. As for the claims it helps users look dewy, it very well may, but it’ll take more than a week, as users begin to notice more benefits after 2 weeks. 

I will certainly continue drinking it even if it doesn’t reduce my fine lines or my skin’s elasticity, because it certainly won’t hurt! 

And anything that gets me to drink more water (I never drink water) is a good thing. I’m giving the B•Tox Fountain | Beauty Electrolyte an enthusiastic thumbs up for taste and hydrating my dehydrated body! 

What’s In The Tea?

Here are the basics about the tea from Pique:  

  • Yuzu berry flavored beauty electrolyte for beauty from within

  • Clinically proven ceramides visibly improve skin elasticity and reduce fine lines

  • Natural ceramides + hyaluronic acid support a youthful, dewy glow

  • Electrolytes and minerals provide deep hydration

  • Formulated for results with F-SIS™ Technology

  • Vegan. No added sugar, preservatives or artificial ingredients

  • 28 servings in each carton

Sun Goddess Matcha

Next up, Pique’s Matcha! Aptly named “Sun Goddess Matcha,” this tea has pretty much the same flavor you’d expect from other high-quality matcha powders. It’s earthy and unsweetened (which I prefer) and tastes great over ice with oat milk! 

Even more impressive than the flavor, though, is the matcha’s origin:

“Our matcha is sourced from Kagoshima, situated in a lush valley at the southernmost tip of the Japanese archipelago – the furthest distance from environmental toxins – the source of this matcha is unrivaled in purity. Our tea farm is located high in the mountains where cooler temperatures are a natural insect repellent.”

This means Pique’s matcha is organic and non-GMO. It promotes radiant skin, healthy metabolism, and calm energy (without the crash). While I haven’t been drinking it long enough to speak to the first 2, I always love the natural energy boost matcha gives me. It lacks the jittery byproduct of a typical cup of coffee – it just makes me feel a little more alert and not so brain-dead. 

Matcha Makings

Here are all the basics of Pique’s Sun Goddess Matcha:

  • EGCG firms and brightens skin

  • Catechins help curb sugar and hunger cravings

  • Chlorophyll supports skin clarity

  • Caffeine supports lipid metabolism

  • L-theanine promotes calm and balance

  • 100% organic, ceremonial-grade and quadruple toxin screened

  • 28 servings in each carton

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B•Tox Fountain | Beauty Electrolyte

pique tea review


Sun Goddess Matcha Green Tea

pique tea



We loved reviewing Pique Tea! Would you try it based on our verdict? Tell us in the comments!

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