I Tried The Lyma At-Home Laser Treatment And It’s An Anti-Aging Miracle

A few months back, I started seeing ads on my social media for a new beauty tool, the at-home Lyma laser. Since I have only had the opportunity to see my dermatologist once during quarantine, I have been pretty open-minded to any and all at-home laser treatments I hear about. But when I clicked through to read more about it, I had some concerns.

First, the price is like *wide eyed emoji* $2,499. Obviously, this is out of most people’s price range, but hear me out. I started calculating what I’ve spent on dermatology appointments to get treatments, fillers, and Botox as well as high-end skin creams, serums, etc. That total was even more shocking than the price of Lyma, by far, so I decided to give it a try.

I paid full price for my device, so this Lyma laser review is not sponsored or influenced in any way.


By the time it arrived at my house, I had a bit of buyer’s remorse, thinking how silly I was to fall for a social media marketing ad. But I thought, ok, you spent all this money, you might as well follow the instructions exactly and see what happens. That was over a month ago, and I honestly didn’t expect to see results too quickly — most of these beauty devices require months of consistent use to notice any changes.

So, what happened? Within about 10 days of daily use, for 15 minutes per night, and focused on one section per day (eyes, one night; lower face and jaw, the next; neck and chest, the next, etc.), I started to see some pretty noticeable results. Like, kind of shocking results. Fine lines diminished, skin appeared tighter, and spots from sun damage started to fade. Even my usually oblivious hubby looked at me one night and said, “Whatever you’re doing different with your skin, it looks amazing.”

How does it work? Previously available at-home lasers only had 5-20 milliwatts of strength, but the Lyma laser has a 500 milliwatt laser inside. They’ve basically figured out how to diffuse the laser safely so we don’t blind ourselves or burn our skin. And because the Lyma laser doesn’t use heat or stress damage like most other laser treatments, it’s safe for all skin tones, even those with a lot of melanin. 

lyma laser

I was so impressed with this product that I went back to the Lyma laser website and ordered their supplements as well. The journey with the supplements is still new for me, so the jury is still out, but I have had zero side effects, when many other supplements give me tummy issues. I love the fancy container the pills come in, and they smell and taste pleasant. I’m hopeful they will deliver as well as the laser did for me.

Want to try the Lyma laser yourself? You can check it out here!


Have you tried Lyma laser or another at-home laser? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “I Tried The Lyma At-Home Laser Treatment And It’s An Anti-Aging Miracle

  1. i got this laser! It was even more with the conversion rate, taxes and customs because I’m Canadian. But I figured with how much I could potentially spend on treatments at an office i would be saving money in the long run. I saved so it wasn’t like “money I didn’t have” either. Also being in the position where I can spend money on myself and only myself helps.

    The only thing I don’t like is that their money back guarantee is only two weeks. I feel a product this pricy should offer at least 3 months, especially if they are so certain it works.

      1. sorry for taking a bit to get back to you. I have found it helps a lot with reducing acne (I had a big pimple that was almost gone in two days), getting rid of red acne marks, and soothing my rosacea. I have SLIGHT 11 LINES, some fine lines under my eyes, and under-eye bags where the skin has become very slightly loose but to be honest I’ve mostly been concentrating on other areas of my face (where I have rosacea and acne). I’ve used it on my 11 lines more consistently for the past few weeks and I honestly don’t know if they have improved lol. Seems kind of hard to tell with dynamic lines because of facial movement. If your muscles keep contracting the lines will keep forming. I might have better results with the lines under my eyes.

        One thing I’ve noticed is that there a rattling when I move the laser or shake it a bit (I’m not aggressive haha). Like something is loose inside. I emailed customer service and they said as long as it turns on and all of the lights work it is totally fine. That just seems kind of odd to me? I thought maybe something happened during shipping but they assured me not to worry… I read that if it is damaged in shipping they won’t repair it. Well, gee… If it stops working one day because some postal worker dropped my package I’ll be so angry. I spent almost 4 grand on this thing! You would think they would have a better policy.

  2. can you provide a an update on the lyma? BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS? i’m considering purchasing and want to make sure its worth it!

  3. Hey LOVE, THANK you so much for the Review. I’m Still Struggling with Rosacea Well THE Inflammation Is Almost Gone But YOU Can See The Scars And Damage Of Rosacea Plus I Still Have Redness and Flushing. AMD YOU ALsO CAN SEE That My Skin Aged Because of the Skin Disease. Do You Still Using the Laser And How’s Your Opinion Now, Still Impressed? Much Love, Nici

  4. Do you have before and after photos? are you still using it? the before and after photos on the website are so dramatic it makes me feel like its a scam. thoughts?

    1. I don’t really have specific before and after posts but I know that when I finally went to see my dermatologist again after not going all of Covid (15 months), she was shocked and asked me what I’d been doing. I normally go every 6-12 months for fillers and Botox. The GloPro really seemed to make a difference and I think I could stretch my appointments out more now. I think under my eyes is where I saw the most difference, I am really prone to dark circles and puffiness there. I have had tear trough fillers in the past which work and last two years. But it’s been more than 3 years now and I don’t feel like I need to do them again now that I’m on a GloPro regimen.

  5. It was quite assuring to know that the Lyma laser has a 500-milliwatt laser inside that has been diffused safely to ensure we don’t blind ourselves or burn our skin when we use it. My aunt is quite conscious of her appearance, so she’s looking for ways to eliminate the wrinkles on her face and the spots from sun damage. I’ll have to consider suggesting Lyma laser to her to see if it works. http://www.poutm.com/product/lyma-laser/