Mission Accomplished: ‘Lightyear’ Is A Blast On The Big Screen

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To infinity…is my love for the new film Lightyear

Pixar’s newest film has left both audiences and critics smiling and satisfied, and I can see why! This origin story about Buzz Lightyear was the twist on a story we all needed. Being that Toy Story came out in 1995, we all have love for the galactic space ranger, on some level. We know him as the lovable sidekick to Woody but not much more than that. For his character to have this type of spotlight, done in such an interesting way, is so exciting!

Lightyear is basically the movie Andy watched that made him become a fan of Buzz Lightyear in the first place. When we meet Andy in Toy Story, he gets Buzz for his birthday and his fandom for the space ranger sets off from there. His room begins to change to all things Buzz Lightyear, to the point where Woody becomes an afterthought. During that time is likely when Andy saw Lightyear and became obsessed! You see what I mean by an interesting twist? This is why Chris Evans voices the character, instead of Tim Allen, who voiced the toy version. They are not the same, and this is not a toy movie. 

We first meet Buzz Lightyear as a confident astronaut who is a part of the space ranger program. When a mission goes wrong, Buzz and the entire crew become stranded on a distant planet. Buzz feels responsible for this mission’s failure, so he dedicates his life to finding a way back home for the entire crew. Because they must travel literal lightyears away, each time he comes back from his mission attempt, the time has aged by four years but not him. He loses four years of his life every time he attempts these missions, although he doesn’t age. Some weird space loophole, but somehow, it all makes sense. 

Along the way, you will meet some fun characters, like his best friend Alisha and her granddaughter Izzy, as well as my favorite character, Sox the cat. Like all Disney/Pixar sidekicks, he’s cute and maturely hilarious and has huge, lovable eyes. You will also see familiar characters, like Zurg, and have small references to the Toy Story franchise we all know. Look out for a handful of familiar Buzz Lightyear quotes. 

This film will have you feeling the feels. It’s honestly fun for all ages. I took my five- and ten year old, and they both enjoyed it as much as their Disney nerd mother. The plot is easy to follow and understand, and there are some jumpy parts, but nothing too scary for littles. As every Pixar movie goes, you’ll be crying during parts of it, too. You’ll also leave wanting an orange robot cat as well. When the film wraps up, be sure to stay after the credits for three – yes, three – bonus scenes. They’re definitely worth the wait. 

I was so happily surprised at how much I loved this movie. Based on how it all ended, I feel a sequel is in the works, and I’m here for it! Well done, Pixar.


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