Build A Pizza And We’ll Tell You What Hogwarts Class You Should Go To

Build A Pizza And We'll Tell You What Hogwarts Class You Should Go To

There are a lot of scary things out there and you want to learn about as much of them as you can! You have keen insight and often plan for the worst-case-scenarios, which ends up working to your favor in this case with a challenging class.

You love to get outside and become one with plants. Some might call you a plant lady, but it doesn’t matter. Going to the greenhouses every day is your escape from the hectic Hogwarts life. Plus, you have picked up some excellent survival skills while you were at it.

You love all things horoscopes, astronomy, and slightly creepy. You’re the dreamer in all of your friend groups, and you pull out an astrology chart any chance you get to fully understand everyone around you.

You love animals. If you could spend all of your time outside and with the magical animals that roamed Hogwarts, you would. Not only are they great companions (especially compared to your classmates) but they also house so much wonder and magic that you could spend your entire time at Hogwarts learning more.


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