We Know Which ‘Friends’ Character You Should Date Based On Your Disney+ Preferences

We Know What 'Friends' Character You Should Date Based On Your Disney+ Preferences
You should date Chandler!

You value laughter and humor in all of your relationships and your dream man is someone who can make you smile no matter what. Chandler is known for being ‘the funny one’ but also has a huge heart. He’ll stop at nothing to make your day brighter and treat you well.
You should date Monica!

There is something to be said about dating someone who has it all together. While you might sometimes get on each other’s nerves, you never stop trying to make each other better people and constantly growing as a couple.
You should date Joey!

You’re here for a good time, not a long time, and Joey is the perfect man for that. While you may not want a long-term and serious relationship, you still want to have fun and be with someone who makes you feel special, no matter how long or short you are together.
You should date Ross!

You love exploring and learning about the world and your partner, and Ross is the perfect man to do that with. While you might not be on his level, you love to learn fun facts about everything around you, and you’re constantly looking to expand your horizons.
You should date Rachel!

You love a classic love story, and you want to live one out one day. While you know life isn’t all sunshine and daisies, you can dream, and your hopes and standards are high for your future relationships. Together, you and Rachel could dream and create the picture-perfect life that both of you have harbored for years.
You should date Phoebe!

You can turn any bad situation into good and you want a partner who will also look on the bright side of life with you. While you may not love all of her methods, Phoebe’s goofy and loving nature are the perfect combination for the perfect partner in life.


So, which ‘Friends’ character are you destined to date? Tell us in the comments!

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