Pick Between These Workouts And We’ll Tell You What New Emoji You Are

Pick Between These Workouts And We'll Tell You What New Emoji You Are
You’re the Melting Face!

You choose the unpaved path in life and at the gym. You’ll often go for the most challenging exercises and workouts, even if you fail splendidly. The phrase, “no pain, no gain” is one of your main mantras in life.
You are the Disco Ball!

You’re the life of the party at any workout and on top of every new workout trend. While your fitness advice might primarily come from TikTok and not necessarily trainers, you’re always willing to try the latest workout and put your all into it.
You’re the Dead Battery!

You love the idea of working out, but you like to play it safe when you do get a chance to hit the gym. Thankfully, there is always more time to train and get comfortable with all the active nuances.
You’re the Troll!

Everyone knows that you know what to do in the gym and with your workout, and they depend on you to give them fitness advice for any and everything. While you may not be the most experienced in all the fitness aspects, you’re more than willing to learn, and your friends see that.


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