These Are The Best Fuzzy Socks And Flannel PJs That Will Warm You Right Up This Fall

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As I type this, I have a flannel pajama set and fuzzy socks on. I also have a space heater on, even though it’s only mid-October, and the weather is still warm in California. 

I digress.

Fuzzy socks are my total weakness. My feet are constantly cold, and I’d much rather feel like I’ve shoved them into warm clouds. Same goes for pajamas — I own your typical flannels and cottons in every form.

Yes, I’m aware that you should dress for work. No, I will not change out of these flannel pajamas and fuzzy socks until I must. It’s all about staying warm and cozy this fall, baby.

If you’re looking to get in on the flannel-pajama-fuzzy-socks trend, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite PJ sets and cloud-like socks. Trust me: you won’t want to change out of them, either.


Pajama Sets

You can’t say no to classic plaid flannel pajamas, though there are plenty of different prints to modernize it.

flannel pajamas

SHOP – $39.99

There are animals of some sort on this flannel pajama set’s top and bottoms, but when you’re this comfy, why analyze?

flannel pajama top
flannel pajama bottoms

SHOP TOP – $58


Feel fierce as hell in these pajamas, with jaguars prowling your body’s perimeter.

pajama set

SHOP – $148

While I’ll take pants and long sleeves, you can still wear cotton, even if you prefer shorter PJs.

pajama set shorts

SHOP – $79.50

If you’re a hot sleeper, this Pima cotton tank and shorts set is for you.

pajama cotton top
pajama cotton shorts

SHOP TOP – $62


I love the Thanksgiving print on this pajama top and bottom set. Despite the name, there are no turkeys, just foliage and adorable foxes.

flannel pajamas
flannel pajamas

SHOP TOP – $41.96


If you’re more of a sleep shirt gal, this flannel is for you. It’s long enough to stay warm, but your legs won’t feel suffocated.

FLANNEL pajamas

SHOP – $44.99

Fuzzy Socks

These slouchy socks were made without elastic ankles, so you can stop worrying about circulation.

fuzzy socks

SHOP – $15

Bombas’ socks are made of soft cotton, and they also have honeycomb arch support to keep your feet extra comfy.

fuzzy socks

SHOP – $16

I own multiple cashmere sweaters, and I can’t think of any softer socks than those made of the material — aka these ones.

fuzzy socks

SHOP – $29.90

It’s Bombas again. Combine slippers and socks, and you get…well, slipper socks, with fuzzy interiors and grippy soles. 

slipper socks
slipper socks

SHOP – $40

The sherpa lining in this pair is ultra soft, and the silicone soles will keep you from sliding Tom-Cruise style.


SHOP – $19.97

If you’re an Uggs fan (me), you know the fleece lining is *chef’s kiss.* Exciting news: their fleece-lined socks are just as soft.


SHOP – $49.50

Save the world when you choose Boody’s pair of thick socks, which saved 82.7 liters of water and 132.9 hours of LED bulb energy to make.

fuzzy socks

SHOP – $14.95


Which cozy socks and flannel pajamas are you rocking this season? Tell us below!

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