Our Favorite Head-To-Toe Remedies For Dry Skin This Winter

Winter is coming, and so is dry skin season! Winter is an undeniably beautiful season for many of us, with the excitement of snowy weather, the holiday season, and even a brief break from work or school. But if you suffer from dry, cracking skin when the weather changes, sometimes it’s hard to really enjoy the fun parts of winter. 

dry skin remedies dry skin remedies

Fortunately, dry skin doesn’t have to be an issue! There’s a whole wide world of dry skin remedies out there just begging for a chance to soften and hydrate your skin. Here are some of our favorites. 


For Your Home

A couple simple household additions could make a world of difference for your skin. The best overall remedy to invest in this winter is a humidifier. The cold, dry air that winter brings dehydrates your skin like crazy. Restoring some moisture into your environment and drinking plenty of water will provide some basic protection for your skin this season. 
You should also avoid the scalding hot showers for now (or forever). Hot water only strips your skin of its natural oils and further dehydrates it. Keep your showers as cool as possible, and make sure to moisturize your whole body with an in-shower moisturizer and/or a post-shower moisturizer. Here’s an article that talks more about why you should add moisturizer into your shower routine, and here are some products to get you started. 



For Your Face

You should always moisturize your face, no matter what time of year it is. You may need a different moisturizer in the winter, though. Lightweight creams and lotions are fine for the summertime or for normal or oily skin, but winter dryness needs the extra protection that thicker creams and ointments offer. We love Sisley Black Rose Infusion Cream, especially on long flights. There are also specialized facial oils you can apply before your moisturizer for an extra boost of hydration. Here are some of our favorite facial products to treat your skin to this season.



For Your Lips

I almost never use lip balm in the warmer months (I probably should, though!) but when it gets cold my lips get crazy chapped. When I was younger, I’d even get cracks on the side of my mouth from my skin being so dry. It was super unattractive, not to mention so painful! 
Nowadays my go-to remedy is Vaseline. I slather some on my lips every night before bed, which protects them from the extra drying out that can happen overnight. You could also apply plain aloe vera, coconut oil, or honey to your lips if you want a natural remedy. These lip moisturizers can also keep you from suffering painful, peeling lips.



For Your Hands

Dry skin on your hands is brutal, and all the hand sanitizer you’ve been using since the onset of COVID is only exacerbating the problem. Some of my friends get the most awful dry skin on their hands in the winter — it peels and cracks, making it painful to do literally anything. In most cases, a high-quality, thick moisturizer should help your skin return to normal. But if you have a case of severe eczema, you might want to see a doctor about getting some prescription lotions. Here are some of our favorite over-the-counter remedies for dry hands. 



For Your Feet

My heels get so dry and cracked in the winter, especially when I’m active and on my feet a lot. Fortunately I’ve found a routine that works pretty well for me: every night before bed, I generously coat my feet in lotion and put socks on over them. It takes a few nights of this to start to soften the skin if your feet are really dry, but it’s a pretty good remedy overall! There are even sock-like products that come pre-moisturized and work in as little as 20 minutes! Here are some good foot moisturizing products to get you started.



For All Over

Do you get dry skin all over your body and need a good full-body moisturizer? We swear by Aquaphor for everything — lips, hands, elbows, anywhere where skin gets dry and flaky. Lancôme Nutrix Royal Body is another great option if you live in a particularly dry climate. Here are some other great products that will keep your skin fully hydrated.




Do you get dry skin in the winter? What are some of your personal favorite products to combat it? Let us know below!

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