I Tried These Celebrity Perfumes And The Best One Is Dolly Parton’s, Of Course

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I am a one-perfume woman. 

With the exception of a brief dalliance in my 20s with ‘CKOne,’ my only scent relationship has been with Chanel’s ‘Coco Mademoiselle.’

Am I a scent snot? Absolutely. There are certain perfumes (looking at you, Thierry Mugler’s ‘Angel’) that, if you are wearing them, you aren’t allowed to get in my car. 

Adding patchouli oil to perfume should be illegal, IMO. 

Aware of my rigidity, I decided to venture out of my fragrance comfort zone and try a few celebrity perfumes. 


First in line of celebrity perfumes is Dolly Parton’s new eau de toilette, ‘Dolly — Scent From Above’.

Now, it’s an established fact that Dolly Parton is an angel sent from heaven to grace us mere mortals with her presence. 

Her voice? Angelic. 

Her philanthropy? Divine. 


So it makes perfect sense that when she released her own celebrity perfume in August, it was aptly named ‘Dolly — Scent From Above.’

Does her talent extend to aromas?

Sold Out

The signature scent is Dolly’s first foray into the perfume world and when I tell you I had a hell of a time getting my hands on it, I’m not lying. 

And I get it! Who wouldn’t want to smell like Dolly Parton? 

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When ‘Dolly – Scent from Above’ Eau de Parfum launched exclusively at HSN, it sold out faster than any fragrance has in the last decade for the retailer. 

Parton had the highest sales for a fragrance launch on a single week day, according to a rep from HSN. 

That’s great for those who nabbed some. But what about meeeee?


I scoured the internet, but all I could find were grimy sellers who jacked up the price on eBay. 

Wanting Dolly but not wanting to pay triple or quadruple the price for something I wasn’t sure I’d like, I put out feelers (asked my mom to find it for me — she can find ANYTHING). 

Turns out, my feelers paid off — my mom’s friend had a bottle, and graciously put some in a travel spritzer for me to use. 

Victory is mine (thanks, Mom)!

The Smell Test

When I spritzed Dolly’s perfume on my wrist — and I know how corny this sounds — it smelled exactly how I thought she would smell. 

LOVELY. It’s like a warm hug from the country superstar herself. 

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Its top notes are mandarin, black currant, crisp pear, and fresh peony blossom. The heart notes are jasmine bouquet, Lily of the valley, and vanilla orchid. 

The base notes include sandalwood fir absolute, musks, tonka bean, amber woods, and … patchouli. 


Remember what I said in the beginning, that patchouli should be illegal? I changed my mind. There must be such a minimal amount in Dolly that I couldn’t smell it, OR I adore her so much that my nose betrayed me.

My Verdict

Now, you still cannot get in my car if you’re wearing Thierry Mugler’s ‘Angel.’

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But if you are wearing ‘Dolly — Scent From Above’  not only can you get in my car, you can sit on my lap while I drive. 

I’m not getting rid of my ‘Coco Mademoiselle,’ but I will be putting Dolly’s signature scent into my perfume rotation — something I thought would never happen. 

I tried out some other celebrity fragrances, with varying results. Below are my verdicts of the following celeb fragrances!

Celebrity Perfumes

You can get your own Dolly perfume here or on HSN (but there’s a sellout warning, as it sold out immediately after launching but has since restocked). 

SHOP – $61.95

Ariana Grande’s God Is A Woman Eau de Parfum

Although I can smell its appeal to others, there’s way too much musk for me. Do I want to sing like Ariana? Yes. You may want to smell like her, but I do not.

SHOP – $65

Nude By Rihanna

I so wanted to love this because I LOVE RiRi more than I love myself but sadly, the floral and fruity mix did not please my nostrils. Forgive me, Queen Rihanna! 

SHOP – $21.30

Glow By Jennifer Lopez

Nope. Can’t even tell you why it offended my senses, but it assaulted them in the worst way and absolutely not. J to the Hell No. 

SHOP – $23.94

Curious By Britney Spears

Ok, Miss Britney Jean! I dig this perfume. It’s light and sweet — not overpowering in any way. I’d wear this for sure. 

SHOP – $18.49

Lovely By Sarah Jessica Parker 

I legit can’t tell if I like this or not — all I can say is that it Jekyll and Hyde’d my olfactory senses. One minute it smells good but the next minute I want it off my person. I can’t live in a conflicted state, so I’m going to have to pass on SJP’s perfume. 

SHOP – $15.12

The Fragrance by Jennifer Aniston

This smells exactly how you’d think it would smell — fresh and clean — like the beach or a perfect summer night. It’s light, not too sweet or floral, and it pleased my nose. It’s an enthusiastic yes for this one!

SHOP – $23.51

Katy Perry Killer Queen

I wanted to end on a high note, but sadly, I cannot. Whatever is going in this perfume can only be described as DARK. Katy might have been going for that — and if she was, success! But it stuck to me like a parasitic twin so absolutely not. 

SHOP – $27.65


Are you going to try Dolly Parton’s new perfume? If you’ve tried any celeb fragrances, do you have a favorite? Sound off in the comments!

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