Your Pets Will Look Extra Cute In These Halloween Costumes

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year — and no, I don’t mean back-to-school season at Staples. I’m talking about my all-time favorite holiday, Halloween. 

As a kid, there was nothing I loved more than concocting a corny-but-clever costume and strutting around the block with my neon jack-o-lantern tote, charming my neighbors into showering me with more chocolates than my brother. Trick-or-treating was one of those traditions I clung to like a safety blanket for far too long into adulthood.

But just because I’ve (sadly) grown out of the stage where begging for candy passes for cute, doesn’t mean I can’t get into the Halloween spirit. I don’t dress up myself every year, but I still have a blast admiring — and attempting to guess — the costumes of the giddy neighborhood kids who show up eagerly at my door on October 31.

After all, what could be cuter than toddlers and tweens dressed in wizard hats and capes?

Trick question! There is something that is ever-so-slightly cuter. The answer is pets — pets dressed in wizard hats and capes, and other adorable garb that will make you say “aww.”

If you’re still on the fence about dressing up your furbabies because you haven’t yet found the purr-fect costume, look no further! These 19 creatively cute pet costumes will help you “raise the ruff” this Halloween.


For Dogs and Cats

Calling all cathletes and puparazzi! These costumes are for you.

I guess I haven’t watched enough werewolf movies to understand what’s up with the plaid and jeans. But add a frizzy mane to this farmer’s outfit and everyone will be howling with glee.

cat scarecrow

SHOP – $11.19

Are those canines or shark teeth? Cue the eerie music, because for this costume, you’re gonna need a bigger…gloat.


SHOP – $11.19

What’s the best thing since sliced bread? Duh, it’s a cat with sliced bread for a head. 


SHOP – $5.59

Rawr! The plushy, prehistoric spikes on this dino really knock it out of the park — Jurassic Park, that is.

stegosaurus dog

SHOP – $13.77

I only know one thing about Star Wars, and that’s that Ewoks were the sole reason I agreed to endure the movies. A Pomeranian modeling as this fuzzy, teddy-bear-eared creature? Now you have my attention.

pet costumes

SHOP – $19.99

There will literally never be a time that your cat is going to obey a word you say. But it’s fun to pretend for once that you’re the one in charge of a jailbird, if only for a fleeting evening.

jailbird cat

SHOP – $10.49

There’s something endearing — not to mention amusing — about the idea of your pooch trying to navigate not just a tail, but eight clumsy tentacles.


SHOP – $11.19

It’s not just Halloween; it’s Meow-Like-a-Pirate Day! But watch out for that hook, because at the end of the night, your cat might use it as revenge.

pet costumes

SHOP – $12.95+

Give your pup a guitar and what would he play? “Who Let The Dogs Out,” of course.

finance and program supervisor

SHOP – $17.99

For Small Animals

Don’t forget the small-but-mighty! From rabbits and hamsters to guinea pigs, you can bedazzle these little guys, too.

Pointy hats off to this one! There’s a hamster here at Hogwarts.

wizard guinea pig

SHOP – $10.99

Even your mouse has an inner unicorn, and here’s a one-of-a-kind costume to help her channel it.

pet costumes

SHOP – $6.99

Hot-dog jokes are not just for dachshunds anymore. There’s a new guinea pig in town, and he’s so cute you’ll want to eat him up.

guinea pig hot dog

SHOP – $6.99

If your Halloween party is on fire, call your fire-fighting guinea pig to the rescue!

pet costumes

SHOP – $8.73

For Exotic Animals

Don’t forget our cold-blooded companions. This Halloween, there’s a costume for everyone, even if your pet doesn’t have fur.

As if the helmet alone isn’t cute enough, this costume comes with a mini-scooter, so your lizard can get going — that is, gec-koing — around town.

pet costumes

SHOP – $8.99

Can I get a “yeehaw” and some country music? Your bearded dragon definitely needs a cowboy hat to match the facial hair, Western style.

pet costumes

SHOP – $4.99

Look out, it’s your Karma Chameleon, and he’s joined the Culture Club motorcycle gang.

pet costumes

SHOP – $4.99

If you dress your dragon as a dragon, do they cancel out to form a whole new costume? Now we’re getting too metaphysical, even for Halloween.

dragon pet costume

SHOP – $4.99


What cute and clever pet costumes are you planning this Halloween season? Share in the comments!

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