Shattering The Myths: What A Visit To Israel Will Teach You

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Considering a visit to Israel but stuck with various fears? Well, think no further and start preparing for your trip! 

Israel is a country like no other filled with beautiful sites and landscapes, and it’s popularly known for its decadent ideologies, culture, religious beliefs, and traditions. However, with all the events that took place in the last few months, there are plenty of myths about visiting Israel. But a trip to Israel is way worth it. 

The pleasant weather in Israel adds to the beauty of the country! However, the weather varies a bit according to the topography, so it’s best to check the weather forecast at your destinations while planning a trip. You can also get additional information, apart from the forecast, on Tomorrow’s radar such as pollen count or AQI.   

Keep reading to discover the best side of Israel and bust some myths! 

Israel Is A Safe Country To Visit

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One of the primary reasons why people hesitate to visit Israel is due to their history of attacks. However, though travel to Gaza and the West Bank is currently cautioned, most of the country is absolutely safe to travel to. Every public place ensures that there are enough security professionals to reach out to in case anything wrong happens. 

Security is a vital aspect in Israel. Don’t be surprised if you see too many security guards around, it is just a way of protecting their people. Once you start exploring Israel, you will eventually fall in love with the beauty and the people in the country!

Israel Is Versatile In Terms Of Ethnicities And Communities

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Israel is rich in faith and religion. Something that you will learn only when you visit the country is that it has people from many different origins. Primarily, the population varies, from non-religious people, to orthodox Jews, to a massive Arab community. 

The versatility of the religious practices, faiths, and traditions is a significant component of Israel that you will witness when you visit the country. 

The Practice Of Shabbat

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Israel works differently than the rest of the world. You will be surprised to discover the tranquility and beauty the Shabbat holds. 

The weekday in Israel starts on Sunday and usually ends on a Saturday. Shabbat starts on Friday at sundown and ends Saturday at sunset. The day is celebrated as a rest day for people. What’s surprising is that many places remain closed on Shabbat. However, various cafes and restaurants do operate in many cities. 

Shabbat is celebrated with family dinners, attending prayers, and more. Another thing worth experiencing is the silence and peace during the Shabbat – a day you will never notice in another place! Many people refrain from working, traveling, and even using electronics to observe the day. 

Israel Has a High Standard Of Living And Isn’t A ‘Desert Land’

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Since the country is towards the Middle-east, one of the popular myths about Israel is that it is a country with camel-riding in a desert land. Well, the truth is far from what you believe, sometimes. 

Israel is a well-developed country with pretty high standards of living. In fact, the country has become a leading tech hub for various companies, has beautiful desert landscapes, modern infrastructure, and plenty of archaeological sites. Therefore, the standards of living are also high. 

While many people believe Israel is “cheap,” you will find out the country is expensive. A reasonable hotel price is about $200, and the food is highly-priced too. Another thing you must know is that bargaining does not hold any place in the country. 

Hospitality Runs In The Blood Of Israeli Citizens

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Israelis have been through a lot in the past. One of the things that will make you fall in love even more with the country is how Israelis treat each other and tourists. The popular term you will often notice people saying to each other is “Achi,” which means “my brother.” 

Additionally, during your accommodation, you will always find a reliable person available for help, 24/7. Their hospitality and kindness make Israel a perfect destination for your next trip! 

You Are Not In A War Zone

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Unfortunately, many people view Israel as a country constantly immersed in violent warfare. The unnecessary hate and myths can make you miss out on one of the most beautiful places in the world! 

Panicking when visiting the country will not help. In fact, the country is protected with a strong security force. Although the situation in Israel can be unpredictable, staying alert when traveling will help eliminate unpredicted situations. 

Start Planning Your Next Trip! 

Israel is far from what you see in the media. Visiting the country in person will teach you things that you can never witness through the internet. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your perfect vacation to Israel!

Once you visit the country, you will realise that Israel is a whole different world than what the internet makes us believe.


Would you travel to Israel knowing that it’s safe to visit? Tell us in the comments!

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