The Muslin Comfort Blanket Is The Best Cooling Blanket I’ve Ever Tried

Dear reader, summer is almost upon us — which, if last year’s record-breaking temps are any indication, is gearing up to be hot AF. Time to stock up on fans and AC units and ditch your winter comforters for cooling blankets, but if you’re a hot sleeper, even breathable fabric is sometimes too much. 

What if I told you I actually found a blanket that feels cool to the touch, is soft, oversized (for maximum cozy factor, obviously), and is from a woman/mom-owned business?

You’d probably a) call BS, and b) ask how you can get your hands on one, right? Well, friend, it’s not BS, and I can’t wait to introduce you to my new favorite comforter brand: Muslin Comfort

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Monet Muslin Comfort 365 Review

Full disclosure: The company sent me a blanket to try (thankyousomuchbecauseit’smyfavorite), and they’re not making me rave about it — I’m raving because it’s rave-worthy. It’s the most rave-worthy blanket I’ve ever encountered, probably. 

First, the company. Again, it’s mom-owned and family-centric; their about page even has a note that says, “P.P.S. Please excuse the crooked logo sticker on your box. My sons REALLY like to help!” Listen, I don’t care if the logo sticker is ripped, crayon-ed, or otherwise illegible. Knowing that a child wanted to help his mom package their products will make me cherish it, regardless.

Second, the blanket. It’s not called the “Goldilocks of blankets” for nothing. It really is just right — soft, oversized, breathable, 100% all-natural muslin (more on that in a moment), and perfectly temperature-regulating. You know those days where the temperature outside is just perfect, and you could be equally comfortable in a t-shirt or a sweater? That’s kind of what this blanket is like. Not too hot, not too cold — just right.

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It’s worth mentioning that my cat also can’t get enough of it. I see way less of him than I used to because he’s always curled up on my Muslin Comfort blanket. Maybe he’s a hot sleeper, too?

What We Love About Muslin Blankets

Last but not least, let’s chat a bit about muslin — the breathable super-fabric that Muslin Comfort owner Shyla (and her kids) can’t get enough of. Muslin cotton really is just made from cotton, but what makes it special is the loose weave. Because the weave is more open than, say, your traditional cotton t-shirt, the fabric remains soft and durable while being super temperature-regulating. After becoming obsessed with muslin, Muslin Comfort started making bath linens and even pajamas out of the fabric. They’re obsessed, and after using their blanket for nearly a month, I don’t blame them. 

Want to get your hands on the Goldilocks of blankets? Yes, you do. So head on over to Muslin Comfort and grab one. If you’re not impressed (which you will be) they even offer free returns within 30 days. You won’t be returning it, but hey, at least that can give you some peace of mind, right?



What kind of blankets do you cuddle up with? Have you ever tried the Muslin Comfort? Give us your review in the comments below!

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