These Virtual Classes Will Teach You New Skills On Your Own Time

I love learning. I’m a huge nerd with a superiority complex, so I love to be an expert in as many things as possible. That being said, I don’t necessarily want to go back to school. The days of impossibly tiny desks, annoying coursework, and below average cafeterias are over for me. That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped learning, though, thanks to online classes for adults.

Once COVID hit, virtual classes became a necessity for some and a pleasure for many others. People were earning degrees online, improving their work skill sets, and constantly expanding their knowledge base — all from their computers. While online learning isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, virtual classes have become accessible and entertaining, now more than ever. Plus, you can learn all you need to know without ever leaving your bed. That sounds like a pretty amazing deal. 

While some services require a subscription, others are completely free. Services like Coursera, Skillshare, Udacity, and more are helping people learn skills they’ve always dreamed of and about professions they’d never gone to school for. 

So today, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite virtual classes to make you an expert in whatever from wherever. Technology is amazing, isn’t it?


Bartending School

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Want to get your liquor license online? What about just learning how to mix drinks for your friends and family? This is something I’m going to do for my partner and myself. It’s a super fun online class that will diversify our beverage palette, so we won’t just get Bailey’s every time we go to an ABC store. If you have this license, you can also look into bartending on the side and making some great money. 

BarSmarts is one of the best virtual classes for bartending. The course is created and sponsored by Pernod Ricard, the world’s second largest wine and spirits distillery in the world. It’s perfect for the casual mixer or the professional seeking to learn more. You’ll get some cocktail history, guided video tastings, recipes, and techniques. The course has everything you could want to learn about cocktails and a DrinkBuilder exam at the end. It costs $29 and is a great resource if you want to get into bartending!

Flower Arranging

I love flowers and I wish I could arrange greenery like the professionals. Every time I’m given the “ingredients” to make a perfect bouquet, it looks like a mess and I usually just give up and buy a pre-made arrangement. Flower arranging is an art – but it’s one anyone can master.  

Team Flower has a ton of virtual classes on their website that will have you arranging florals like a pro. You can choose if you want to learn about bouquets, arbors, centerpieces, or just basic principles. I’m going to do this for my wedding and ask my bridesmaids to arrange their own bouquets so they can learn this skill. The classes have an 8 month payment of $74 or a one time payment of $499.

Reiki Master

Have you ever been interested in energy healing? Reiki is a healing technique that focuses on the flow of energy in and throughout your body. In this course, you will learn all about the healing powers of Reiki. Level 1 will give you the history of Reiki and will allow you to explore how it works. You can start performing Reiki on yourself at this level. Level 2 will guide you to perform Reiki from a distance and also teach you how to utilize Reiki to reach your goals. Finally, at level 3, you will learn to help others reach their goals with Reiki. 

I am fascinated by Reiki and have practiced it before. This program looks amazing and so educational. It’s completely hands-on, even though it’s online, and you can learn to be a Reiki master from it! The course is currently $149.99.

Dessert Decorating

I used to go to my county fair every year just so I could look at the cakes. I’ve always been awed by the videos of beautiful cake decorations or cookies that look like celebrities, or whatever is unique. If you’re like me and want to learn all about dessert decoration, Wilton has you covered. 

They offer fun online classes on how to ice cakes, decorate cookies, and decorate with candy. The classes are an hour long and $40 for an individual or $20 for a group (max of 4).

Programming and IT

Once the pandemic hit, people realized that they can do a lot without a degree. Google has made getting a job without a degree even easier, as it awards professional certificates to people who complete its training courses. You can choose from IT Support, Data Analytics, Project Management, UX Design, and Android Development. 

These virtual classes are beginner friendly, so you don’t have to worry if you qualify or can test in — just show up! The courses are through Coursera and they cost $39 per month.


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Do you love Disney? Want to work for them? This course will teach you the basics about how to be an Imagineer and how people from all different backgrounds come together to make magic in one theme park. Imagineering in a Box will walk you through creating your own world, attractions, and characters. 

You’ll see all the amazing behind-the-scenes parts of Disneyland that only the insiders are privy to. The virtual class has 32 videos of the current Imagineers talking you through the Imagineering process, and it also comes with interactive activities that will allow you to build your own park.

College Courses

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Yes, if you want to go back to college, you can! Sort of. Some colleges are offering virtual programs through different websites. You can learn from Harvard professors, the great minds at MIT, channel your inner Rory Gilmore with Yale University courses, and much more. 

A ton of colleges have done this recently, so you can basically learn whatever from wherever. If you don’t mind the school, type in the class you want to take in Google and see what pops up!

Virtual Classes Should Be Fun

Rediscover the joy of learning outside a classroom. Whether you’re taking informational virtual classes in order to prepare for a new profession, or simply taking fun online classes to explore your interests, you should enjoy your time spent learning. After all — knowledge is power!


Are there any virtual classes you’re interested in? Leave a comment below!

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