We Spoke With Kelly Cohee About The Power Of Healing Through Reiki

Chakras, energy, auras, oh my! Reiki sounds like a spiritual experience, and it is…but more than that, it’s about channeling “divinely guided life force energy” through your body to unlock your full potential and heal every part of you, from your emotional to your physical being. We talked with Kelly Cohee, a Reiki Master Teacher, to learn about the ins and outs of reiki. Read on for her insight!


Q: First, give us an overview of reiki. What is it and what’s its purpose?

A: Reiki is a holistic healing practice that follows the premise that we are, for the most part, beings made of energyThat our thoughts, feelings and emotions have a huge effect on our energy body, or aura, and can cause us major difficulties when we are not expressing them healthily or in balance. This can create blockages in our chakras — the main points through which life force energy flows in and out. Reiki is a Japanese term that means “Divinely guided life force energy.”

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The practitioner, through the laying on of hands, acts as a channel for this divinely guided life force energy to flow into the problem areas of the client’s energy body, which produces a beautiful, warm, relaxing effect. The reiki treatment is designed to eliminate these blocks and bring about healing on a multitude of levels — mind, body and spirit.

Q: How did you get into reiki?

A: You could say that reiki found me. I was guided to reiki after the sudden passing of my brother in a car accident. I was in a state of deep grief and was feeling very lost and overwhelmed by my emotions. I have always been someone who is open to alternative methods of healing and I found a local center in Tustin called the Sanctuary that was teaching classes. Once I received the first level of reiki certification, I was hooked! I had never come across a teaching so profound and beautiful in its methodology. I knew that I would eventually become a Master and teach this to others, though that didn’t happen right away. I became a Master in 2014, but did not start teaching students until 2017. For my journey, this was about focusing largely on self-healing first.

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Q: What type of education/training does it take to become a reiki practitioner?

A: There are different schools of reiki with differing training requirements. I am associated with William Rand’s school, the International Center for Reiki Training, (www.reiki.org). I am also affiliated with the latest reiki energy upgraded teaching style, which partners with Holy Fire® and Karuna® reiki. You can think of them as very high vibrational healing energies that serve to empower and purify, as well as promote compassion towards self and others. 

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A beginner would seek out an accomplished Reiki Master Teacher to learn from. This being said, I offer certification classes for levels 1 and 2, (2 days), and the Master levels, (3 days). It is always up to the teacher and student to determine their level of readiness for the Master levels. After being certified at level one, one becomes a “Reiki Practitioner” and is able to channel reiki for self and others. After being certified at the Master level and teaching at least one student, one becomes a “Reiki Master Teacher.”

Q: What are some common misconceptions about reiki?

A: Sigh — yes, there are some misconceptions about reiki. Reiki is not a religion, but it can be utilized to enhance one’s spiritual life and practice! Reiki is not a cure-all, in other words. The client or student must understand that free will is in play and they must assist in their own healing. Reiki is not unsafe in any way, it cannot cause harm by its very nature. That being said, it is wise to select a practitioner/teacher that is seasoned and consistently working on their own energy healing. It is important that you feel a rapport with them and good in their energy.



Q: Who can benefit from reiki/who should seek it out?

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A: This is probably a biased answer, but I believe everyone can benefit from reiki! Truly. As long as the person is open-minded and receptive to healing, they will surely benefit. I have worked on a child as young as 5 years old and an elderly woman in her 90s. Additionally, I have worked on many animals as well. They are very pure beings and super receptive to the healing and peaceful energies. 

The person who is ready to open themselves to a deeper level of healing and wishes to empower themselves should seek out reiki. Reiki works very well integratively as well. I partner with many doctors and mental health specialists to assist the person in a comprehensive way.

Q: Anything else you want our readership to know?

A: If you are guided to this article, there is a reason. Trust it. Do some research and feel it out. Perhaps reiki will enter your life in a beautiful and meaningful way as it did mine! May all who share in this understanding of reiki and benefit from these words be exceedingly blessed 🙂

With Love,

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Have you tried reiki? What was your experience? Share with us in the comments!

kelly cohee

About Kelly Cohee

*Certified Holy Fire® III/Karuna ® Reiki Master Teacher; Certified Hypnotherapist*

Kelly Cohee is a dedicated health and wellness professional with 7 years in private practice utilizing holistic therapies such as hypnotherapy, reiki, meditation and spiritual coaching. Her primary aim is to align her clients and students with their most authentic, truest selves. She thoroughly enjoys guiding others to self-discovery, truth and the ability to give and receive Love in expansive, joyful, and healthy ways.

Website: www.radiantreikihealing.com
IG: @radiantreikihealing

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