Want To Organize Your Life? The Dollar Tree Has Every Affordable Item You’ll Need

It’s so hard to stay organized on a budget. Pinterest tells me to buy insanely cute organizational pieces, but my wallet tells me no. The task of organizing my spaces might be daunting, but I know this: it doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Luckily, the Dollar Tree has me covered. I recently saw this trend going around TikTok where people were reorganizing their entire house for less than $25! So we jumped on that trend and decided to bring you the best of the best of Dollar Tree organization.


Glass Jars

Yes, we know you probably already know and love the whole glass jar storage thing, but we had to mention it anyway. I personally have so many ugly bags of flour in my pantry. I’m talking about all the flour: Coconut flour, almond flour, gluten free flour, bread flour, and all-purpose flour. And don’t even get me started on my sugar bags. The problem with having so many different bags is they take up so much space, they’re all half empty, and they’re definitely not cute. 

The remedy? Glass storage jars.

Glass jars are easy to use, a much better aesthetic than bags, and reusable (hello, sustainability!). I went to the Dollar Tree and got these Clear Glass Square Jars. I’m going to fill them up with sugar and flour for now and stock up on more later. If you want to make the jars look like they just came off a Pinterest ad, you can add these Craft Paper Labels to the jars as well!

You can also use jars on the counter if you don’t want to hide them away. I love this Glass Jar because I know I would fill it up with all my fresh baked cookies and it would just give me the best home vibes. You could store things like candy in it as well if you’re looking for an extra pop of color!

Counter & Drawer Storage

I love olive oil and balsamic vinegar, but I hate when they come in differently shaped bottles. I try to keep a similar aesthetic in all of my kitchenware and it really throws me off when the olive oil is in a small plastic bottle and the vinegar is sitting in a tall, pretty, glass one. The Dollar Tree sells these beautiful Oil and Vinegar Pourers to solve this problem. Just refill them and go! I think these pourers are such a beautiful addition to your kitchen storage and can really elevate your decor too. 

I use drawer organizers in my kitchen to keep everything relatively neat and tidy. You can get these bigger ones, these medium sized ones, and these skinny ones. These storage containers are great if you have a bunch of kitchen gadgets like can openers and measuring bowls and you don’t want your drawer to become a junk drawer.

Refrigerator Storage

Fridges can get so cluttered so quickly. I know that some drawers are meant for certain things and the door shelves are made for others, but I usually just throw everything where it fits and call it a day. But TikTok and Instagram told me not to, and I decided to finally listen. 

An easy way to keep your fridge organized and looking good is by taking things out of their original packaging and putting them in plastic containers. I do that in my fridge and it makes all the difference. These Clear Rectangular Drawer Organizers will do the trick. I put all my salad stuff in one container, so when I want to make a salad, I just pull out the drawer organizer and everything’s there! 

I’ve also seen a lot of people keep their eggs in this Plastic Egg Storage Container to get rid of the very not-cute cardboard cartons These containers are also great if you have chickens that lay eggs too!

Basically, if you want to revamp your fridge, it’s totally possible to do it with items from the Dollar Tree! This TikTok shows you how to use plastic containers to completely organize your fridge, while this TikTok shows you how to organize your fridge for only $23!


I recently moved into a house with a huge closet. While I’ll never complain about the space, I realized how many storage pieces I needed to actually make my closet look neat and organized. 

I have a bunch of these Fabric Storage Baskets in my closet. They’re perfect for when I need to store a bunch of things like purses or extra skin care essentials but I don’t just want piles of them everywhere. You can also get these Desk Organizers that come in all different shapes and sizes! There are a ton of options for fabric storage organizers on the Dollar Tree website. I like this one because it lays flatter and is perfect for under-the-bed storage. I personally think this Tan Collapsible Storage Container is one of the prettier options, if you’re trying to stay away from the darker grey color. And you can decorate your kids’ rooms with these adorable Tie-Dye Storage Containers as well. 

These White Wire Cabinet Shelves are great if you’re organizing under the sink or in your cabinets and you want to maximize the storage space. Adding layers is always a great way to optimize your organization.

If you’re lacking in storage floor space, vertical storage might be the way to go. These Magnetic Pouches are great for storing small items (think: hair ties, makeup, bobby pins) on the back of a cabinet/door or just on the wall.

If you have space in your room or your kids’ playroom, think about getting these Colorful Plastic Two Tier Drawer Organizers. They’re so cute, and they’re perfect for tackling small messes like where to put all the toys at the end of the day. If you want a more elevated look, these Tiered Rattan Pattern Plastic Drawers are also wonderful for some quick storage.

If you need some inspo from TikTok, these will help you make the most of your space. This TikTok is all about how to organize bathroom cabinets, while this TikTok covers kitchen cabinet organization!

Desk Storage

I work from home most of the time, so my desk gets so cluttered. One way to combat this is to use these Interlocking Desk Organizers. The trays are perfect for your desk, sink, or makeup table. Just store smaller things in them and grab them when they’re needed. If you need extra storage, these Clear Plastic Desktop Organizer Drawers are also great to have on your desk if you work from home or on your kids’ desk to help them keep an organized space.

Amazon Dupes

If you don’t have a Dollar Tree near you, Amazon has cheap dupes for these organization items! While they’re a little pricier, they’re still super affordable — all of them are under $10! — and will work just as well as the Dollar Tree options.


I’ve already stocked up on some of these amazing deals at the Dollar Tree, how about you? What are you most excited to organize with these hacks? Comment below!

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