These 20 Genius Kitchen Organization Products Will Finally Get Rid Of That Mess

Admit it, you and I both have saved pictures on Instagram and Pinterest of shelves. I think the first time I screenshotted a shelf was when I realized I was nesting in my home. Yes, sometimes you just want to chuck everything into a cabinet and pray it closes without spilling out all over your kitchen floor, but let’s be honest, we know that if you invested in some organizational bits and bobs your life would become so much easier and cleaner. So we found a couple of ideas (think: a spice rack or a cereal container) for you to start making your dream kitchen today!


Cereal Container Sets

Everyone eats cereal, in fact — it’s my comfort food! I saw a TV show once where the mom put candy in her cereal dispensers and ever since then, I have striven to be that amazing of a mom. But cereal boxes can sometimes get really annoying and they just aren’t aesthetically pleasing and they take up a lot of room.

cereal container

Cereal Container Set

I love this cereal container set because you can change up the labels whenever you want and the contents too. They’re super cute and just look like they belong in an HGTV home.

SHOP NOW – $24.97

Dry Food Dispenser

This dual dispenser set will eliminate all your open-cereal-box woes. You can get as many of these as you want, but if your family sticks to two main cereals, this would work great for you too! And you don’t have to use this as a cereal dispenser — it also works for other dry foods.

SHOP NOW – $31.65

cereal container

cereal container

4-Pack Cereal Container Set

These cereal containers are huge and so helpful. The sturdy design and pour spout makes it easy for your kids to be in charge of their own breakfast! They’re also very affordable, so if your family loves approximately 20 different types of cereals, these are easy to stock up on.

SHOP NOW – $23.99

Bamboo Cereal Container

Okay, I love this cereal container/dry food dispenser. The bamboo will add a natural aesthetic to your kitchen, and they’re pretty enough to sit on the counter without being an eyesore. 

SHOP NOW – $176.99

cereal container

Spice Racks

Spice drawers get really messy really quickly. You probably have a ton of spices, and some go out of date really quickly and some get lost. In my house right now I think we have three different cinnamons and roughly five different salts. Not only are spice racks aesthetically pleasing, but they also make it easy to find out whether you actually need some more paprika.

spice rack

AllSpice Bamboo Spice Rack

Honestly? This spice rack is stunning. The set comes with either thirty or sixty jars that are already pre-labeled on the lids — you just have to fill them up! I love the unity in that because all my spices are from different stores and brands, so none of them have the same design, shape, or color.

SHOP NOW – $109.99

Spice Rack Drawer Insert

A spice drawer is another great option if you don’t have enough cabinet space. The elevated plates of this spice rack let you see all your spices and you can organize them however you want in your drawer!

SHOP NOW – $24.99

spice rack

spice rack

Wall-Mount Farmhouse Spice Rack

Even though Amazon calls this a farmhouse spice rack, I think it would work in any kitchen. It’s hanging, so it can easily go on your wall and the pack comes with four shelves, so you won’t have to worry about running out of room. This set is great for utilizing vertical space if you don’t have a ton of cabinet space!

SHOP NOW – $19.97

Revolving Spice Rack

I would recommend this spice rack for someone who loves to bake or cook and needs to get their seasonings out quickly and easily. While there are only twenty spaces on the rack, you can buy extra if you need and they’re so pretty! This rack comes with customizable jars as well, so your spices will all match. There are options for  twelve- and sixteen-jar holder as well.

SHOP NOW – $39.46

spice rack

Pots and Pans Racks

I read a book recently about a man who had his pots hanging in his kitchen, and I didn’t know I needed that kind of a man in my life until then. Hanging your pots and pans will instantly save you some cabinet space, but if you’re not into hanging them from the ceiling, you could also organize them within your cabinets.

pot rack

30-Inch Mounted Pot Rack

I love this pot rack because the bigger pots that can’t hang can go on the shelves, while the utensils and pans can hang on the bottom rack. It’s the best of both worlds if you don’t want your kitchen to become just a shrine to hanging pots and pans.

SHOP NOW – $59.99

Wall-Mount Pot Lid Rack

I don’t know if you’ve figured out how the heck to store pot lids, but I swear that putting my pot lids away stresses me out way more than it should. I love this pot lid rack because it’s wall-mounted, so you can hang it on a kitchen wall or the inside of a cabinet door.

SHOP NOW – $17.47

pot rack lids

pot rack

Adjustable Pan and Pot Rack

I have a really small kitchen and a ton of cabinet space, so we keep our pans in those. While that’s great, they do get messy and difficult to organize. I love this pan and pot rack because you can grab a pot from anywhere without having to rearrange any — plus, it’s adjustable to fit whatever size pots and pans you have.

SHOP NOW – $17.87

Wooden Pot Rack With Shelves

If you want to add an earthy, aesthetic element to your kitchen (that’s also functional!), this wooden pot rack is for you. The lighter colors in this rack make it look more airy too, so everything feels a little more open.

SHOP NOW – $43.99

pot rack

Tupperware Organizer

Everyone has so much tupperware and it just gets annoying to deal with. More than likely, you have about 4 of each size of a container and you can never get everything to fit into each other. It’s annoying and not really pretty at all, but these tupperware organizers will solve all those problems for you.

tupperware organizer

Metal Tupperware Organizer for Lids

This tupperware organizer makes it literally impossible to have a mess of tupperware lids. It’s adjustable to fit however many tupperware lids you have while saving tons of cabinet space in the process.

SHOP NOW – $23.99

Adjustable Bamboo Lid Organizer

A slightly more sustainable option, this bamboo lid organizer can arrange all your lids neatly so they won’t pile up or get lost. You can also change where the dividers lie, so if you want to store some containers as well as the lids, you can!

SHOP NOW – $21.99

tupperware organizer

tupperware organizer

Expandable Tupperware Organizer

I think this tupperware organizer is my favorite, because you can expand it to be as long or as short as you want. If you have a ton of tupperware containers, make it long and set it in the back of your cabinet. If you only have a few, make it short and just put it somewhere easily accessible! This one works great in any size space and can store lids and containers simultaneously.

SHOP NOW – $29.99

Rotating Tupperware Organizer

I love this rotating tupperware organizer because it’s easy to organize and to find which container you need. This set actually comes with its own containers, so it’s perfect if you needed a few extra containers that could fit somewhere easily! It’s 11 inches by 11 inches, so it won’t take up too much space at all.

SHOP NOW – $15.99

tupperware organizer

Pantry Bins

Organizing kitchen utensils is pretty easy, but keeping food organized is a different story. It’s hard to organize your fridge to look aesthetically pleasing and it’s sometimes impossible to do so with your cabinets. These pantry bins will help keep like items together in your cabinets or your pantry!

pantry bins

4 Pack Pantry Bins

I’ve seen these pantry bins in every influencer’s fridge and cabinet ever. They’re easy to stack, easy to see through, and easy to label. This set comes with labels and a chalk pen, making it easy for your kiddos to know what goes where — plus, you can categorize certain foods together and make them easy to grab and unload.

SHOP NOW – $26.99

Wire Pantry Baskets

These pantry baskets could go in your cabinet, fridge, or even on your counter. They make it easy to categorize your snacks, baking supplies, even your cooking staples like garlic and onions. Not to mention they’re super affordable!

SHOP NOW – $25.99

pantry bins

pantry bins

Sliding Storage Baskets

I love these sliding storage baskets because a) they utilize vertical space and b) they can fit in narrow and deep cabinets! They move in and out of the organizer, so it’s easy to put things away when you’re unloading the dishwasher or just reorganizing like I have a habit of doing every other week.

SHOP NOW – $23.99

2-Pack Under Shelf Baskets

In case you can’t tell, I love utilizing vertical space, and in my opinion, it’s a shame that we waste all that space under shelves! I love these baskets for under-the-shelf storage below the kitchen cabinets that hang over the countertop. I keep not only plastic wrap and aluminum foil, but also small toaster oven pans and utensils. 

SHOP NOW – $14.87

pantry bins

There are so many organization ideas that you can use to make your kitchen something that HGTV decorators would want to show off. What’s most important is that you feel happy in your space and let those cooking juices flow, so you can make your kitchen the prettiest place with the tastiest results!


Do you have any other kitchen cabinet organization tips or products? Let us know in the comments below!

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