Strawberry Legs? Not Anymore! Here’s How I Solved This Common Beauty Problem

If you have strawberry legs, you already know what they are. The first time I heard the term I knew instinctively that I’d finally found the term for what I’d been struggling to manage my whole life. But if you’re not a victim of “strawberry legs,” you might have a response similar to my Editor’s when I posed this idea: “What the heck is a strawberry leg?”

Cue me talking about some bodily woes (again). One thing I love about Monet is that all of our writers are pretty candid with each other about our health and beauty routines and all the gross bodily stuff we deal with. Oh, you need someone to write about how to slough dead skin off your feet? Been there, done that (like, a lot). We need to talk about facial hair on women? I guarantee you, the next time I log into our project management platform there will be a long discussion about how we’ve all dealt with it. Periods, painful sex, body odor, skin conditions…nothing’s off the table.

So, what the heck are strawberry legs, anyway? Well, Kelly, I have been there and done that, so I have the unfortunate displeasure of being our resident expert on this one. Fortunately, I also think I finally found out how to get rid of them.


What the Heck is a Strawberry Leg?

I’ll tell you what the heck it is. Strawberry legs refer to the bumpy texture legs can get post-shaving. Sometimes they’re the result of ingrown hairs, other times they occur due to skin sensitivity or because you haven’t moisturized properly. The bumps are embarrassing, tbh, because I don’t want a dude to put his hand on my thigh and feel like he’s touching chicken skin. Also, you can see them. Mine are red. Imagine having little red bumps all over your legs…not cute. 

And now, my favorite part of the discussion…why doesn’t everybody deal with strawberry legs?! Why did the universe have to select me as a bumpy-legs rep? I know, I could be complaining about way worse things, but you’re also talking to the girl who spent literal years trying to get her legs to be as smooth as her friends’. My highschool gal pal Rachel told me she used baby oil after shaving, and her legs were always so soft that sometimes I’d just stroke them out of envy. I wanted to stroke my OWN legs, dammit, so I tried her baby oil trick for a bit, but mostly just ended up as a still-bumpy mess who was now also greasy.

Come to find out that the biggest culprit is just my super thick, curly hair. I’m a hairy lady (sorry, fellas, but also deal with it). I thought my strawberry leg woes would never end, and I had resolved to just deal with this ailment bravely (by wearing pants literally all the time. Even in the summer). But then TikTok saved the day, as she so often does.

How to Get Rid of Your Strawberry Legs!

Thanks to the above TikTok, my legs actually have gotten WAY less strawberry-esque (check out the pics below!). I’ve only been doing this routine for a few weeks, so yeah, I expect to see better results as time goes on. Here’s what I do:

strawberry legs strawberry legs

1. Exfoliate! I exfoliate the heck out of my skin. Now, my skin is tough and not at all sensitive, so I know what it can handle — please don’t push your skin past its limits! My exfoliant of choice is actually homemade; I mix together brown sugar, fractionated coconut oil, and a little bit of tea tree essential oil. I rub it on my legs and follow up by scrubbing with a body brush. Here are some other exfoliants that have been shown to be effective against strawberry legs:

2. Shave with a sharp razor and some A+ shaving lubricant. I use eos shave cream and it works well. It’s basically a cross between shaving cream and lotion, but some people prefer your typical shaving cream or a shave oil.

3. Moisturize! Again, a nourishing body butter or body oil is key. I know several people who swear by the following:

And voila! There you have it. A solution to your strawberry leg woes. Try them out, and come back to thank me in a few weeks!


How are you treating your strawberry legs? Share your secrets in the comments!

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