You Need To Try These Holographic Nail Polish Colors This Winter

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Are you tired of your everyday nail polish colors? There’s an easy way to switch up your look without changing your hair or outfit. Switching up your nails can make a huge difference in the way you look and how you feel. 

Classic reds, whites, and dark neutrals are always a great choice for winter, but if you’re looking to be a little more adventurous with your color choices, here are some options!


ILNP Multichrome/Holographic Polishes

If you’re going for unique nail options, I love these multichrome and holographic shades from ILNP:

Snowstorm: A beautiful deep blue polish with holographic flecks.

winter nails ILNP snowstorm

SHOP – $10.00

Glory: A flaky, fiery polish that looks gorgeous over a black base.

winter nails ILNP glory

SHOP – $12.50

Eclipse: A black to red ultra chrome nail polish.

winter nails ILNP eclipse

SHOP – $12.50

Park Ave: Deep jade green holographic polish.

winter nails ILNP park ave

SHOP – $10.00

Timber: A warm brown with holographic flecks. 

winter nails ILPN timber

SHOP – $10.00

Mega: 100% holographic glitter nail polish.

winter nails INLP mega holographic

SHOP – $10.00

Black Dahlia Lacquer Glitter Polishes

Olaf’s Snowflower: A beautiful off-white polish with dimensional gold and silver glitter.

winter nails black dahlia lacquer olafs snowflowers

SHOP – $6.75+

Before the Ball Drops: With platinum silver flakes and a dash of ultra-chameleon chrome flakes that shift from green to teal to blue to violet.

winter nails black dahlia lacquer before the ball drops

SHOP  – $7.50+

Black Holo: Nail polish with holo glitter particles. 

winter nails black dahlia lacquer black holo

SHOP – $7.50+

Seche Vite’s Top Coat

To top it off, my absolute favorite quick-dry shiny top coat is Seche Vite! The best top coat I’ve ever found to protect your manicure. 

winter nails seche topcoat nailpolish

SHOP – $9.95


Which cute winter nails are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments in the below!

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