Mushroom Coffee Is The Best New Health Trend For Your Mornings

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If you had told me that in 2022 we’d be drinking mushrooms in our coffee, I would have built my bunker a long time ago. Let me be clear on this – no one touches my coffee. It is the one morning routine that hasn’t changed in eight years for me and I don’t see it ever changing (take that, pregnancy). 

But I’m all for making improvements without being inconvenienced, and mushroom coffee is now the trendiest improvement to the drink. Mushrooms have risen to fame in the past year due to their myriad health benefits. While some might despise these little brown veggies, others are loving them so much that they put them in their morning brew.


The History

Sadly, we can’t come up with anything new these days. Mushrooms have been known for their benefits for years. Asian countries, specifically China, have been utilizing these vegetables for medicine and their nutritional benefits all throughout history. Even putting them in coffee isn’t new. Finland used mushrooms as a coffee substitute during WWII when they were low on coffee bean supplies.

What Is Mushroom Coffee?

My sister used to make her own lunch of mushrooms, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and soy sauce. Not to worry, mushroom coffee isn’t that. Currently, mushroom coffee is made from a blend of ground mushrooms and coffee beans. Once brewed, it looks no different than regular coffee and the drink has a dark, smooth, and nutty taste to it. Others who have had mushroom coffee say it tastes no different than the regular cuppa we’re used to having during our mornings. 

While there may not be any noticeable difference in flavor, I need a great argument as to why I should subject myself to this vegetable coffee.

Medicinal Mushrooms

Mushrooms are known to reduce anxiety and stress significantly. The mushroom contains adaptogens, which are known to improve the body’s response to stress and anxiety and have been used in Chinese medicine for years now. 

Other research that has been conducted on animals finds that mushrooms can do amazing things. They improve immunity, possibly prevent cancer, act as anti-allergenics, and fight heart disease. If you’re cautious of the flu, mushrooms are known to prevent these viruses and other common colds. Mushrooms are also a rich source of selenium, magnesium, and zinc; so we can get all our vitamins in one go.

Lower Caffeine

I know some of us crave the taste of coffee around 11 o’clock at night. While I’m all for a midnight snack, the late-night caffeine is probably not the best answer. The solution to that craving is, in fact, mushroom coffee. These blends are lower in caffeine than regular coffee, which makes them perfect for pregnant people, people with heart issues, and even those midnight coffee drinkers. The mushroom powder that’s ground up to make half of the coffee doesn’t have caffeine, so it cuts the caffeine amount in half!

To Brew or Not to Brew

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There are some downsides to mushroom coffee, but they’re probably not the ones you’re thinking of. There has been scant research done on the health benefits of mushrooms to humans. Most of the research has come from animal testing. Another downside is the price – because mushroom coffee is the new hip health trend, it sometimes rings in at double the price of regular coffee (or quadruple if you’re shopping at TJ Maxx). This is one of the times you pay extra for quality ingredients, as these mushrooms are grown in their natural habitats and not commercially farmed.

What to Buy?

If you’re anything like me, your curiosity will make you at least try these mushroom blends. Here are the best mushroom coffee brands that we’ve found.

Ground Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane

A dark, smooth, and crash-free cup? Count us in! The added ingredient of lion’s mane also promotes brain activity, so it’s a win-win.Mushroom Coffee


Black Cold Brew Coffee with Adaptogens

Cold brew coffee is just better, we don’t make the rules. Enjoy this premium cold brew that boasts the most health benefits of the mushrooms. This brew also has L-theanine, which reduces anxiety and improves focus.MUSHROOM COFFEE


Daily Harvest Chaga + Chocolate Latte

Daily Harvest’s focus on healthy and delicious eating comes through in this coffee blend. Easy, ready-to-make latte pods filled with cacao, Chaga mushrooms, reishi mushrooms, coconut, vanilla, and maple syrup, make this a delightful blend.MUSHROOM COFFEE


Califia Unsweetened Mushroom Coffee

Califia Farms’ Mushroom Coffee has a deep and rich earthy undertone that only adds to the flavor is a beautiful combination.



Deme Medicinal Mushroom + Cacao

And a bonus if coffee isn’t exactly your thing – this one’s for all you mocha lovers. The blend of mushrooms, cacao, and spices create a luxurious cup of drinking chocolate.DEME


If your morning coffee is as important to you as it is to me, I understand that you might not want to change it up. Consider adding mushrooms to your meals. Mushrooms go great in any pasta dishes, omelets, salads, hamburgers, and anything else you might like!


Have you tried mushroom coffee before? Are you going to? Let us know in the comments!

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