I Tried 3 Love Wellness Products, And Yes, They Worked

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While scrolling through Ulta’s Black Friday Deals a month ago I came across this brand called Love Wellness.

What made it stand out? The insane amount of reviews and high praise it had. Every single product they had had 4.5 stars or more — and not just from a few people. Thousands of people reviewed these products. I looked not just at Ulta but at other retailers, as well as their own website and every retailer had the same high reviews and 4.5+ stars. 

Naturally, I was sold, but I wanted to know more about the brand itself. The wellness brand is woman-owned and backed by board-certified advisors that help with product creation. Their mission is to: “Take a sensible approach to self-care that’s body-positive, based in science, and made with what you want in mind.” I added 3 products to my cart and I couldn’t wait to test these out for myself.


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Their products are made to be used together so I picked 3 based on the specific concerns I wanted to address —  Metabolove, Bye, Bye, Bloat, and Sparkle Fiber. Their website also offers a quiz you can take that will recommend products for you if you’re unsure about which products you should try. 

Metabolove helps with food cravings and boosts energy, but it smells kind of bad, so if that’s something you’re sensitive to this might not be for you. Bye, Bye, Bloat helps with water weight and food-related bloating. Sparkle Fiber helps detox your body and supports both immune and digestive health. I would take Metabolove and Sparkle Fiber in the morning and Bye, Bye Bloat at night, but I read some reviews saying not to take this every day so I used it twice a week. 

The first week, let’s just say I really felt the results. I felt like my bathroom schedule was more frequent than normal, which didn’t seem like a bad thing to me. I didn’t feel like I saw results until week two — my stomach seemed flatter than normal and slowly I found myself not wanting to pop in my pantry as often for my mid-day and late-night sweet snack. After the second week my bathroom schedule got back to normal. I felt like the products really cleansed my digestive system because I also started feeling less stomach aches and bloating than I normally would.

After a month of using these supplements I would definitely repurchase. Overall, I feel more energized and less bloated at the end of the day. There’s no wonder why these products are so highly rated by so many people. You have to be consistent with them in order to feel the results but it’s definitely worth it if you feel like you struggle with bloating and food cravings.

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They have quite a few other products I definitely want to try too, like their Good Girl Probiotics and #Mood Pills. They have a full range of vaginal health products as well that my friends swear by. I’ve heard their product The Killer does wonders if you have a UTI, BV, or the yeasties – definitely something to look into if you need a quick solution. 

Whatever you do decide to do, make sure you always consult a doctor beforehand!



Have you tried Love Wellness? What’s your favorite product? Leave some of your Love Wellness reviews in the comments below.

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