Slip Your Feet Into The Warmest Pairs Of Heated Socks On Amazon Right Now

Let me start out by saying that I absolutely love brisk weather. I love wrapping myself up in a scarf and gloves, and walking around town. Fall and winter are, by far, my favorite times of the year. What I don’t like? Being cold. It’s way easier to enjoy being outside when you’re dressed for it. While there are hats, gloves, cardigans, scarves, and chunky knit sweaters, not very many people pay attention to heated socks.

This is a shame, because nabbing a pair of heated socks is the easiest way to keep your feet warm in chilly climes. It doesn’t matter if you’re spending your days walking around town or on hiking trails, you’ll appreciate heated socks that will keep your feet warm.

Before we get to the picks, let’s dig into how heated socks work. The tech behind the clever little accessories is powered by battery-operated wiring that runs through the socks. Battery operated socks (how high tech!) will keep your tootsies toasty for hours. Some of our selections also have adjustable heat settings, so you can get the exact level of heat you require in any situation.



q-claw heated socks

The Q-Claw heats via a rechargeable battery…yeah…yeah…but they are also operated by remote. I repeat, you can control these bad boys with a remote. Reviewers say the socks are best for short walks, and not long afternoons in the cold.

SHOP – $39.95

Snow Deer

snow deer heated socks

Y’all, the people of Snow Deer aren’t playing around. The foot bed of the sock has a grid of heating elements throughout, so you know your heels will be just as warm as your pinky toe. Each charge lasts about 3 to 4 hours.

SHOP – $76.99-$79.99

Rabbit Room

rabbit room heated socks

The Rabbit Room heated socks are available in a handful of colors and sizes, but unlike others on this list, you can plug these puppies straight into the wall to charge. (Each charge lasts about 5-6 hours, enough for an afternoon outdoors.)

SHOP – $42.99

Dr. Warm

dr warm heated socks

While Dr. Warm’s heated socks aren’t the only accessories on this list that can be controlled with a remote, this version attaches to your keychain, so you can adjust the temps with (literally) a flick of the wrist. I’d wear this to the dog park and shrug when all the other doggie parents complained about the cold. The manufacturer claims the socks will heat for 3 to 11 hours, depending on your usage.

SHOP – $93.99


autocastle heated socks

The Porsche of heated socks, the Autocastle version can reach temps up to 122 degrees, enough to feel warm, but not enough to be uncomfortable. The manufacturer recommends turning the socks up to high for the first few minutes of wearing, then turning the settings down to maintain the heat level. Will last up to 6.5 hours on the lowest setting.

SHOP – $38.98-$42.99


What’s your favorite way to stay fashionably warm in the winter? Have you tried any of the heated socks on our list? Tell us in the comments below!

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